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On his tour to Las Vegas our founder visited one of the least visited spots in town by tourists, The Shanty Town where hundreds of homeless people take shelter.

Our founder read in a journal that the city is cleaning up the plight and went to see about where on Earth these people would be able to move too (Click here to see newspaper article on this shanty town).

After spending the day with the homeless Lance discovered that the city wanted things cleaned up and that the problem was out of their hands. Shanty Town was being demolished and homeless mini establishments like this one were being torn down, one by one, and the people told to move on. But to where? The Catholic Charities were in need of a bigger facility and so was the rescue mission.

This is why Lance supports President Bush's stance on helping people with social services. It is organizations such as these and Habitat for Humanity which can really make the difference without costing thousands of dollars to administer. These organizations are truly battling the war on poverty and are set up to handle the real needs of these forgotten Americans. We cannot turn our backs on our neighbors, even if they live in a double-ply cardboard shelter at night.

The founder and his wife walked through many of these areas that day and saw that with gambling comes other social issues to be addressed. Luckily for the homeless in Las Vegas, the weather is decent; hot in the summer, but no one will freeze to death. We must continually search for answers and never give up the mission of hope and service to our communities. Please pledge to never take for granted all you have and all that you have accomplish.

We did have to spend time visiting other places in Las Vegas.  Here are a few visits from these travels.

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