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The Carson City Chamber of CommerceTeam Wash Guys visited the Carson City Chamber of Commerce and signed up as new members. We opened the Car Wash Guys of Carson City on this trip, and it is our policy that all franchisees support their local communities. Being involved in the local Chamber of Commerce is a great way to get to know other people in the area, and to become involved in many different activities to help build the community.

The Railroad MuseumTeam Wash Guys also visited the historic Railroad Museum in Carson City.

While there, we volunteered to wash the outside exhibits at the museum.


WashGuys Franchisee in Reno, which was granted the Carson City Area, where the Carson City Area Chamber of Commerce is located, moved to Las Vegas due to the larger market. We did not rejoin the local Chamber as they were unable to fulfill what we believe to be proper assistance to their members. This is typical of Chamber of Commerce such as Carson City Area Chamber which is located in a State Capital City. We have found in other cities such as this, where the Chamber Execs often are so high on themselves that they do not see the smaller picture of American Small Business and the support that is needed in the local community. We felt our money was much better spent in the casino down the street than with the Carson City Area Chamber of Commerce, if anyone wants to learn about how we really feel about the Carson City Area Chamber call the founder- 1-888-WASH-GUY, but be prepared for an ear-full.

Chambers need to support their members otherwise they will not renew their application. We will never give the Carson City Area Chamber of Commerce another DAMN DIME. From the very onset we were telemarketed by salesmen trying to sell us stuff, including the BBB which harassed the crap out of us to join so we might be listed in their directory. Whoopee., like we need a third party endorsement, our customers speak for themselves and the referrals flow like the water in the Truckee River.