While in Sacramento, a lady in a stolen car from Arizona went on a rampage, hitting as many as 15 cars.

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Unfortunately, she also hit the blitz mobile, with its steal reinforced siding (an after thought modification from "Road Warrior II").

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The high velocity of impact significantly damaged her stolen car, slowing it to a crawl, leaving pieces of the 5000 pound Caprice Classic littering the streets.

Pieces of bumper, hub caps, right hand mirror, door handles and trim all over. An excellent crash test with a real live "Dummy."

We were able to get the license number of the car due to our community policing seminar. Part of our "Neighborhood Mobile Watch Program."

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We called it into the non-emergency police dispatch as a few citizens gave pursuit. Police apprehended the suspect within 30 minutes.

She was also uninsured, which we had pretty much assumed (not to many thieves are concerned about insurance). Although she will be out of jail by the time you read this, it just proves with proper training and a team effort we can win the war on crime.

It is really too bad, she had a dirty car, we could have washed it.

With the help of Sacramento area franchisee Detail Guy, Kelly Robinson, we polished off the paint left from the other car, but the light/side marker was broken, and cost us $3.85, and 5 minutes to replace. Next time you want to mess with the Wash Guys, steal a Caterpillar Tractor instead.

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As you can see, our Mobile Wash Guys fortress not only looks great, it is literally built like a tank. Deflecting that angled side impact at 45 mph like a Dixie cup. She is lucky to be alive.

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