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When did it all start? Was it always called The Car Wash Guys? What was the first car that was washed?

Would you believe the ground work for what became The Car Wash Guys started in 1977! Beginning with the name Speedy Waxers, at the age of 12, Lance Winslow began washing airplanes (not cars!) at the Camarillo Airport. Over the years, Lance has continually worked on developing his business, adding new lines or services, and always, always working towards being the best! 

This incredible journey can be traced through numerous newspaper articles, letters, flyers, business cards, and our very popular Car Wash fundraisers announcements. Please pursue these tidbits of history and meet all the people along the way that have been involved with The Car Wash Guys.

We are just beginning this process of placing this "museum" on-line. Please check back periodically as the list of articles grows and grows!

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