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At the General Patton MuseumHere are the Car Wash Guys at the General Patton Museum in California.  Desert Storm tanks aren't washed that often, but when they are "The Car Wash Guys" and Team Yellow are ready to serve.   This W.W. II tank makes a great back drop for a picture of our latest Car Wash Guys franchised unit.

At The General Patton MuseumFounder, Lance Winslow, poses on top of the W.W. II vintage tank and wishes it were in New York City or New Jersey.  There he could run over venture capitalists and Fleetwash company, Lance's arch rivals.  You know we wouldn't put him past it.  Talk about competitive, Lance fights for market share with vengeance.  Standing in front of The Car Wash Guys with their world renown customer service is much like standing in front of General Patton and his army.