Former Industrial Waste Enforcement Director joins Car Wash Guys Environmental Team.' 

Clifford R. Young


Pollution Reduction Services, Inc. (PRS, Inc.)

Clifford R. Young started up and manages PRS, Inc.  He is responsible for interfacing with numerous businesses and governmental agencies.  He has more than twenty-five years of experience as an environmental compliance regulator.  As regulator Mr. Young assisted thousands of businesses to successfully develop and implement water pollution and environmental compliance programs.  Mr. Young has reviewed and approved hundreds of plans for various types of wastewater treatment systems.  He has also inspected and approved the installation and operation of hundreds of wastewater treatment systems.


Mr. Young is a consultant who has assisted numerous businesses and governmental agencies with environmental, health and safety compliance issues.  Mr. Young worked as a Technical Service Supervisor in the filtration industry performing technical evaluation of filtration products and processes.  He co-authored several publications about filtration media and processes.  He has experience as a Quality Control Supervisor managing several technicians and overseeing the quality control operations in several manufacturing processes.   He is also an accomplished process and design engineer and as well as a research and development scientist.  He is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a Masters of Science.


Mr. Young oversees all the management activities of PRS, Inc. and is the Technical Support Director as well as the Research and Development Director.  Mr. Young has spent the last fifteen years investigating storm water pollution issues and the last five years performing research and development on storm water pollution control and flood control technologies.


Master of Science, Food Microbiology - June 1977
University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois


Bachelor of Science, Microbiology - June, 1974
University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois        



Offering a wealth of knowledge, skills and abilities in the environmental, health and safety field from more than fourteen years of regulatory compliance experience:

  • Knowledge of local, state and federal Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste Regulations (CERCLA, RCRA, SARA, OES)
  • Knowledge of local, state and federal Clean Water Regulations for Storm Water and Sanitary Sewer (NPDES, Pretreatment, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans)
  • Knowledge of state and federal OSHA Regulations (workplace safety and right-to-know)
  • Knowledge of DOT Hazmat regulations
  • Knowledge of state and federal Risk Management and Prevention Regulations for acutely hazardous materials
  • Knowledge of Air Quality Control Regulations
  • Knowledge of Solid Waste and Recycling Regulations
  • Knowledge of Fire Code and Building Code Regulations
  • Knowledge of Zoning Ordinances and Requirements
  • Knowledge of GMP and GLP Regulations
  • Computer Expertise in Word Processing and Data Management
  • Expertise in environmental sampling, monitoring and risk analysis 

Agency Interaction


I work closely with several agencies on a daily basis in the course of my duties at Union City.   Enforcement actions require familiarity and close cooperation with the Union City Fire Department, Fremont Fire Department, Alameda County District Attorney's Office, Alameda County Health Agency, Alameda County Water District, Union Sanitary District, Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office, Santa Clara County Health Agency, Santa Clara Valley Water District, Regional Water Boards, Dept. of Fish and Game, local police and CHP, San Jose POTW and other agencies.



Consulting 15 Years
Process Engineer  27 Years
Entrepreneur  5 years
Inventor 15 years
Researcher    25 years
Regulatory Compliance Expertise
Environmental 25 years
Health   25 years
Safety   20 years
Pharmaceutical (GMPs)   25 years
Food             (GMPs)  25 years
Microbiologist    30 years
Computer Programmer  18 years
Wastewater Treatment Expertise
POTW Sanitary 20 years
Industrial Wastewater 20 years
Groundwater Remediation Expertise 20 years
Soil Remediation Expertise 20 years
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Expertise  10 years
Membrane Filtration Expertise (Bacterial)  5 years
Storm Water Filtration Expertise 5 years
Quality Assurance Specialist   20 years
Regulatory Enforcement Expertise 19 years
Hazardous Materials Facility Closure 13 years
Underground Storage Tank Closure  15 years
Underground Storage Tank Installation 10 years
Secondary Containment /Spill Control 18 years


Pollution Reduction Services, Inc.   
12 South First Street, Suite 816   
San Jose, CA 95113

  • Environmental, Health, & Safety Consulting Services
  • Storm Water Runoff Pollution Control Services
  • Database Design and Management Services

Hazardous Materials Inspector
Union City Environmental Programs Office Union City, California
February 1992 to January, 1997

  • Assisted in the preparation of an application for and the implementation of six mandated environmental programs under California’s Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) legislation.   These include the Underground Storage Tank (UST), Hazardous Materials Management and Risk Management and Prevention (HMMP/RMPP) Programs as well as Hazardous Waste Generator, Tiered Permits and Spill Prevention, Countermeasure and Control (SPCC) programs
  • Develop and oversee the maintenance of a variety of computer programs and databases used for tracking the compliance status of regulated businesses with various environmental health and safety programs
  • Develop and oversee the maintenance of a central filing system which provides easy access to the public and other governmental agencies containing the records of inspections, facility installations and closures, correspondence, reports, enforcement activities, plans and MSDSs other information related businesses regarding proper hazardous materials use, storage, handling and disposal
  • Conduct complex facility inspections including the review of company safety records, spill reports, employee training records, hazardous communication programs, emergency response plans, employee safety monitoring programs
  • Develop and implement a variety of policies, procedures, and program guidelines to ensure effective and consistent interpretation and enforcement of local, State and Federal hazardous materials, hazardous waste, pollution prevention and urban clean water program requirements
  • Provide resources and technical assistance to businesses, architects, engineers, contractors as well as City Redevelopment, Community and Economic Development, Planning, Building, Police and Fire Departments regarding proper hazardous materials use, storage, handling and disposal
  • Plan, organize, monitor and modify a comprehensive hazardous materials and hazardous waste regulatory program consistent with State and local reporting, self audit and fiscal management strategies
  • Interpret and apply laws, rules, regulations and codes related to hazardous materials handling, storage, transportation and disposal that impact the City

Hazardous Materials Inspector
San Jose Fire Department San Jose, California
February 1988 to February 1992

  • Conducted compliance inspections in over 150 businesses and industrial facilities that generated hazardous waste as a part of their operations, used underground storage tanks containing hazardous substances, or handled hazardous materials reportable under federal and state statutes
  • Prepared reports of findings and made recommendations for the elimination or control of environmentally hazardous conditions
  • Reviewed periodic reports of active contamination investigations and evaluated proposed remedial activities
  • Provided resources, technical assistance, and assessments to businesses regarding waste reduction opportunities and assisted the regulated community with the development and implementation of multi media pollution prevention and waste minimization programs
  • Provided technical information and training to management, private industry, civic groups, government agencies and labor organizations regarding hazardous materials problems and issues
  • Interpreted and applied laws, rules, regulations and codes related to hazardous materials handling, storage, transportation and disposal

Industrial Waste Inspector
San Jose Water Pollution Control Department  San Jose, California
February 1983 to February 1988

  • Conducted compliance inspections in over 500 businesses and industrial facilities that discharged industrial waste water to San Jose Treatment Plant
  • Collected samples, reviewed analytic results and prepare notice of violations for wastewater discharges from facilities that exceeded federal, state and local limits.
  • Prepared reports of findings and made recommendations for the elimination or control of non compliant discharges; conducted follow-up inspections
  • Reviewed periodic reports of corrective actions and evaluated proposed treatment system installations
  • Provided resources, technical assistance, and assessments to businesses regarding the use of various treatment options and strategies.
  • Interpreted and applied laws, rules, regulations and codes related to the discharge of industrial water to the sanitary sewer.

Technical Services Supervisor

Pleasanton, California
March 1982 to February 1983

  •  Evaluated in house filter products against competitors to show the superior quality giving the best overall filtration system for the most applications
  • Investigated product returns due to complaints of unsatisfactory results or failures from defects in manufacturing process
  • Performed failure analysis on returned filtration products using Scanning Electron Microscope.
  • Designed pilot systems and performed test runs on the feasibility of using products in specific applications to determine the purchasing and operating costs.
  • Performed studies on various processes and products to determine feasibility, cost, and specifications for the use of filtration equipment in various applications.

Research Technician
Stauffer Chemical
Richmond, CA
October, 1981 to March, 1982

  • Manufactured batch size lots of pesticides for research purposes to develop new formulations and processes.
  • Worked with toxic and hazardous materials and hazardous waste.
  • Operated reaction tanks, pumps, GCs, wet chemistry equipment, gasses, and various other process and material handling equipment.
  • Used level A Personal Protection Equipment.

Quality Control Supervisor
Standard Brands
Oakland, California
June, 1980 to April, 1981

  •  Evolved position from technical support to directing production operations
  • Enforced laboratory procedures, manufacturing guidelines, and company policies
  • Supervised six lab assistants and one microbiologist who performed various quality control tests of finished food products
  • Evaluated test results and determined the status of products for hold or release
  • Used test results to control the manufacturing processes to meet product specifications
  • Resolved production problems of out of spec. products
  • Accepted feedback from production and lab personnel that enhanced production.
  • Developed production rates that reflected optimal operating efficiency. 
  • Performed studies that identified problems as lack of well-defined procedures and the use of bad work habits. 
  • Resolved problems by developing and enforcing written procedures. 
  • Set up system to trace production materials that reduced waste.
  • Coordinated maintenance activities.
  • Performed evaluations of incoming packaging materials
  • Trained employees in GMP procedures.
  • Performed GMP compliance audits.
  • Set up procedures for documenting production and quality control problems.
  • Developed corrective actions for the problems identified.
  • Reviewed and updated quality control and production procedures

Associate Scientist
Mead Johnson & Company,
Evansville, Ind.    

  • Designed equipment, testing procedures, methods and material to identify the chemical and microbiological quality of the product, air, water, equipment, and building. 
  • Established specifications and standards for the quality of sanitation to be achieved. 
  • Performed Bioburden study for new aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and prepared report that was submitted to FDA to document facility could achieve aseptic manufacturing specifications
  • Performed microbial testing to challenge manufacturing guidelines and procedures. 
  • Set up record system for documentation of production was performed in accordance with government requirements. 
  • Performed calculations using statistical sampling and mathematical formulas to show levels of safety were achieved in production procedures. 
  • Submitted reports to FDA and received approval of work. 
  • Participated in and conducted weekly conferences to establish deadlines of studies and to provide input into direction and depth of studies.
  • Investigated failures in manufacturing process resulting in the return of defective infant formula and other nutritional products
  • Performed lab tests on raw materials, in process and finished products
  • Planned and implemented special projects to develop methods to inhibit microbial contamination in new products and ingredients.
  • Established quality assurance programs for auditing drug-manufacturing operations at outside contract facilities.
  • Revised and developed specifications for raw materials, in process goods and finished products
  • Developed trend analysis system on faulty production that identified problems that were corrected.
  • Directed studies to select best method and material for sanitizing manufacturing facilities and equipment.
  • Revised and developed methods for performing chemical and microbiological analysis.
  • Determined shelf life of existing and developmental products.
  • Directed studies to evaluate new packaging material, new processing procedures, and new laboratory equipment.
  • Performed study to determine the resistance of microorganisms to various types of sterilization techniques.
  • Audited production and laboratory records to insure products were manufactured in accordance with specifications.
  • Introduced computer system to control laboratory procedures and processes that decreased labor cost while increasing efficiency.

Quality Assurance Auditor
Mead Johnson & Company
Evansville, Ind.

  • Performed quality assurance audits on the GMP procedures and practices at contracted facilities.
  • Developed audit reports form
  • Developed Contract Manufacturing Auditor Operations Manual
  • Interacted with management and production personnel to explain requirements for products required by GMPs and company specifications
  • Implemented required changes in manufacturing practices at contracted facilities.
  • Monitored the manufacturing and quality control practices at manufacturing facilities under contract for compliance with governmental. 
  • Documented problems and oversaw the corrections.  Performed analytical testing on various products.
  • Traveled throughout the Eastern half of the United States and performed on site inspections at several contracted pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities monitoring compliance with governmental manufacturing regulations, i.e. GMPs

Graduate Research Assistant
University of Illinois   
Champaign, Ill.
September, 1974 to December, 1976

  • Performed various microbial research studies involving anaerobic and superdormant bacterial spores using specialized anaerobic growth techniques and SEM analysis.
  • Investigated methods for improving the detection and enumeration of bacteria associated with spoilage of food and water contamination
  • Planned and implemented special projects which involved work with Clostridial microorganism that produced "superdormant" spores (resist destruction at elevated (high) temperatures for prolonged periods)

Laboratory Assistant,
Kaskaskia College,
Centralia, Ill.
September, 1969 to June, 1971

  • Set up and maintained equipment and materials for experiments in the physical science, chemistry, and physics laboratory classes. 
  • Maintained the inventory of supplies
  • Issued purchased orders for supplies.


President, Hazardous Materials Subcommittee-The Fire Chiefs Association of Alameda County, 1993, 1994

Member of the Alameda County Urban Runoff Industrial Inspection Program Subcommittee 1992-1996

Steering Committee Member of Concrete Cutting BMP Guidelines Development Workgroup of the Alameda County Urban Runoff Industrial Inspection Program Subcommittee

Member of the Santa Clara County Hazardous Materials Investigation Subcommittee 1988-1992

Developed evidence and assisted in the successful prosecution of environmental cases against several companies including BP Oil, Exxon, US Pipe, etc.

Assisted more than a thousand businesses with environmental, health and safety compliance issues.

Developer of Environmental Educational Studies Curriculum and Training Program for Grade School, High School and College Students

Developer of Environmental Technology Development Training Program

Developer of Environmental Educational Studies and Job Training Program for Adults

Developer of Environmental Educational Program for Public

Developer of Watershed Sampling Program

Presenter of Environmental Education to Grade School Students

Teacher 40 hrs required OSHA Hazardous Waste Training-Mission College, Santa Clara, CA

Science Fair Judge

Graduate School Environmental Scholarship Judge

Mentoring Program Participant

Outstanding Industrial Waste Inspector- California Water Pollution Control Association, Fall. 1987

High Achievers Society - San Jose Water Pollution Control Plant, Spring 1986

Moderator at the California Water Pollution Control Association (CWPCA), Northern Regional Conference & Training School, Industrial and Hazardous Waste Sessions, Redding, CA, September, 1986

Completed undercover surveillance of several facilities for illegal discharge leading to successful prosecution, permit revocation, and civil and criminal convictions

Ford Foundation Scholarship Award- University of Illinois, Fall 1971 to Spring 1973

Who's Who Among American Junior College Students- Kaskaskia College, 1971


Certificates in Hazardous Materials Health and Safety Training -- San Jose Water Pollution Control Plant 1983-1988; San Jose Fire Department 1988-1992; Union City Environmental Programs Division 1992-1996

Grade III Industrial Waste Inspector /California Water Pollution Control Assoc.

Grade I Industrial Waste Inspector /California Water Pollution Control Assoc.

Extracurricular activities
Volunteer Homeless Shelters
1998 - Present

Tutoring Math, Science, History, and English
Grade School, High School, College Students

Activity Chairman, PAL Program, Univ. of Ill.
Developed and coordinated program and activities for college students working with children from the surrounding community.

Photographic Editor, Yombo, Univ. of Ill.
Responsible for photographic coverage of activities affecting block college student life and their display in bimonthly campus newsletter.

Record Collecting