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Certificate of Commendation goes out to The Car Wash Guys on behalf of the The Mayor, and The City Council for the City of Los Angeles.

It reads:

In recognition of generosity and public spiritedness which they have continually demonstrated by allowing The City of Los Angeles to use their excellent book, titled "How To Run A Car wash Fundraiser," in it's Public Outreach Program as part of the city's efforts to educate the citizenry on storm water Best Management Practices which can allow this popular activity to continue occurring without contributing to ocean pollution.  Given with appreciation this 9th day of June, 1999 by Cindy Miscikowski Councilwoman 11th District.

What a perfect introduction to our two new L.A. franchisees and master franchise.  These types of awards and recognition are what make The Car wash Guys stand out above the competition.  What other company has received a commendation for raising so much money by sponsoring charity events in this industry?  Only US.

I want to thank everyone who helped us reach this incredible and seemingly unbelievable goal.  Now we have been recognized, and we deserve this one.  Thanks are extended to the entire team, for continually making us number one.  These car wash fundraisers and your gallant efforts have touched the lives of so many churches, temples, sports teams, non-profits and service clubs.  I know you've seen the faces of these people and you already know the feeling of knowing you made a difference.  Now somehow it all seems more real... If you've never done a fundraiser you wouldn't understand, but those of us who have, know that one smile makes it all worth while.

Now that we've cleaned all the cars let's go clean up all the graffiti.

Lance Winslow III
CEO, Founder
Car Wash Guys