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Car Wash Guys Grandson is Born

Tanner Eugene Martin of Reno is born at St. Mary's Hospital. Tanner Eugene is the Grandson of Gino and Lori Martin. We are so proud to make this announcement since "Team Gino of Reno" has come a long way since they purchased their franchise. He was born at 5 am in the morning wanting to get an early start on the day like his Grandfather Gino. He was born at 7 lbs. 8 oz. 20 inc. and is the Most beautiful baby ever. Lori told us, that he was immediately told that he better be ready to work right away. Shane, Gino and Lori's son is the father. You may have also read that Shane is a Truck Manager on one to Team Gino of Reno's units.

In other news Lori Martin has organized a Food Drive Program in Reno, NV to help the less fortunate people who do not own a Car Wash Guys Franchise. Many people have been hurt in this economic recession, they have lost jobs, lost homes, and are having a very rough time of it. Lori has placed collection barrels all around town and reports that already their local neighborhood barrel has 200 cans in it. The barrels are decorated with American Flags. There are barrels at banks, grocery stores and local merchants as well as many large corporations and customers of The Car Wash Guys. As many of you know Car Wash Guys Customers are some of the best people in the world. A special thanks goes out to Smith's Grocery Store for their extra efforts to help in The Car Wash Guys Food Drive. The original goal was to collect 200 lbs. of food, but it looks like that maybe revised to 2 tons of food. Lori has also helped the team organize three Car Wash fundraisers coming up soon, one of which helps "Battered and Abused" women, a cause that Lori feels very strongly about assisting. It is this kind of passion to help others which drives Lori in her work as well. Her excellence in customer service is an extension of this dedication and commitment to community. If there is a noble and worthy cause out there in Reno, NV; you know "Team Gino of Reno" will be on the scene. It appears there is no end to the good hearted efforts of Gino and Lori and their entire team as they help make the world a better place.

Isn't it amazing how life works when you give back a little? Gino and Lori have always been that kind of great people, and we couldn't be happier to have them as friends and team members.

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