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WashGuys Support Animal Sanctuary and "NO-KILL Shelter" Project in Missouri

Car Wash Guys assist the "Sanctuary" a group which saves animals who are homeless or abused. We are assisting Sanctuary in their fundraiser efforts. Sanctuary is in Missouri and they have helped thousands of animals find good homes as well as wild animals find a safe region to live. They are working very hard to insure that animal shelters are only a temporary hotel for animals and sponsoring the "NO-KILL" Animal Shelter program.

WashGuys have been known to clean shelters, kennels and cages to keep them healthy for all the temporary guests. A clean environment keeps makes animals feel cared for during their unintended and often frightening visit.

It is for this reason that we fell compelled to help our animal friends. We believe that Sanctuary's "Fundraising for Animal Welfare" is an aggressive step in fixing the problem of neglect and disheartening events that occur when animals cannot be properly relocated.

As many of you know Car Wash Guys are committed to the helping of all species on Earth. To learn more about our team's commitment to our fellow species go to the "Car Wash Pets" page.

At the WashGuys we support a clean environment, clean SUVs and clean shelters for our furry friends.

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