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GE Capital Recognizes our Non-Profit Franchising Site

GE Capital an Official "Approved Vendor" for financing for all of The WashGuy "Family of Franchises" returns the favor by listing our Non-Profit Franchising Site under "Government and Industry Resources" on their main site. It is strategic partners like this that make business worth doing. We are proud to refer potential franchise buyers to GE as well as existing franchisees who are in need of expansion funds. We are also proud to wash for some of their larger acquisitioned companies in transportation and aerospace. As many of you know GE owns 80% of Penske Leasing and even build Locomotives. They also own Media outlets and partake in over 20 different industries. We salute the Six Sigma Team, Jack Welsh and their entire network. It's good to do business with friends.

We believe that GE Capitals aggressive market position has helped American Small Business, real estate and Industry prosper through this recession. Many of our franchisees have turned to GE as they help turn our franchisee's dreams into reality. We are forever GE fans. Thanks GE, you really do; "Bring good things to Life."

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