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Wall Street Journal Recommends our Franchising Site

The Wall Street Journal has recently recognized our Franchising.org site as a good place to go when beginning to look for the right franchise, citing our comprehensive alphabetized listing of over 3000 franchisers world-wide. We of course offer this as a free informational, non-profit site to assist the Franchising Community as part of our ongoing efforts to make franchising a better place and assist all American's who want to go for their American Dream. We also get traffic from over 145 countries through out the world.

Although we are use to the publicity and have been written up in many big name Financial Newspapers and Magazines. We are proud to add the Wall Street Journal to the list. Thank you Wall Street Journal for the honor and the previous kudos;

There are hundreds of franchise Web sites. If you're unsure where to begin looking, check out franchising.org for a comprehensive alphabetized list.

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