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Colorado WashGuys Clean QSRs

Colorado WashGuys clean McDonalds Restaurants as part of our continued efforts to enter this market sector. We have added restaurant cleaning to our list of services and are training new franchisees to these services; http://www.carwashguys.com/071902_2.shtml.

What has been wonderful for us is the fact that we can add these services to our night crews. Many of our franchisees have now established night crews to fulfill all the jobs that have to be done after hours and we have developed a very strong team in doing this. We have found above average workers willing to put in additional hours, many of which are way over qualified by never the less love to work for the WashGuys; Click here for more. At night we wash shopping carts, truck fleets and wheel chairs. We clean Play lands, sidewalks and hoods in restaurants. It is important to attempt to keep our units busy around the clock, helping the world become free from the slime and dirt. We realize the serious nature of this and the importance of the image of our best customers in their quest to capture, maintain and dominate market share. Click here for more.

We realize by listening to our team the intense amount of work which has been un tapped and we are on a mission to seek out new frontiers and to boldly clean whatever is dirty. Sometimes the work can be dangerous, so we need skilled climbers, who have experience in rock climbing and repelling.

As we clean the surfaces can become slick and often hazardous and as any Glacier or Ice Climber will tell you, one false move and you are history. Much of the work the WashGuys do may seem easy but it's not, some is hazardous and challenging, not to mention taxing on the various muscle groups. WashGuys believe in safety and tying off to prevent falls. These Play Lands can well over two stories high and whereas the kids are in an enclosed and controlled environment on the interior and are extremely safe we are on the exterior as well as the interiors and we are in at risk of slipping and falling. WashGuys are use to this strenuous and dangerous work as many of our crews clean High Tension Capacitors for Utility Companies, Rail Cars, Heavy Equipment and ice on roof tops.

Our customers know whether it is a Play Land which needs to be cleaned and made free of mold, bacteria and left over chicken mc nuggets or simply a quick steam cleaning of a shopping cart we will be there for them on their schedule. If that means we work all night, that is just the way it is. By us taking on this extra work we provide efficiencies to the QSR-Quick Service Restaurants bottom line. McDonalds, is the top World Wide Franchise. They have sold over 3 trillion hamburgers to the World, that is enough hamburgers to go to and from the moon 4 and a half times over. If they ever put McDonalds on the moon there will be a WashGuy there to clean it.

WashGuys of Colorado clean McDonalds restaurants to protect kids from not only from bacteria which may be within it's Play Lands, but also from the unhealthy and frustrating stain of BBQ or Sweat and Sour Souse from chicken mc nuggets. McDonalds refuses to take a risk with children's health. Cleanliness is next to godliness and Ray Kroc Founder of McDonalds Franchise made it one of his top priorities, today McDonald's Corporate has contracted with WashGuys to see that this priority remains strong. WashGuys believe in Mr. Kroc's vision of image and cleanliness and we understand the importance of a crystal clean environment in this day of viruses and diseases. By having the WashGuys thoroughly clean each Colorado Play Land McDonalds can insure and guarantee a safe and pleasant stay at Play Land and thus be able to count on a return visit from Mother and Father and their most valuable commodity. The future of our nation rest with our children and we at the WashGuys are firm believers in that and we take pride in making sure that the safety and welfare of all our customers, customers are well taken care of.

McDonalds cares about kids from it's menu and play lands to it's Ronald McDonald Lands. WashGuys also cares about our youth and have established programs to help kids strive for success in all they do; click here for more.

Like McDonalds we understand the importance of our next generation, this is one reason we agreed to assist them in cleaning their play lands and keeping them free of germs, mold and harmful bacteria. These Play Lands are cleaned with hot pressure washer steam cleaners and we use a citrus based prep that will not hurt or damage equipment or be harmful to bare skin. It is by following such strict standards that we can provide the high level of safety and service to the World's Greatest Franchise Company.

McDonald's has been adding new stores at the rate of several per day and each time it is with precision and adherence to details. We are happy to see the growth of McDonalds, America's favorite hamburger quick service restaurant.

We also clean the drive-thru, trash area, sidewalks and kitchen hoods on a regular and scheduled basis for McDonald's Corporate. McDonalds is a great company and is part of American Heritage, it has changed the acceptable level of service throughout our nation at business both large and small. We hope to learn a lot from McDonalds over the up coming years, they are truly one of America's greatest companies.

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