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Wyoming WashGuys Featured on KTWO

Wyoming WashGuys Featured on the radio in a special series on Entrepreneurship. The radio show on KTWO is sponsored by the Hilltop National Bank and The Greater Casper Wyoming Chamber of Commerce

Click here to link to KTWO, serving many parts of South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Montana and heard state-wide all over Wyoming

Rock, Wyoming WashGuy Franchise Owner had very optimistic comments on the state of the economy, job growth and economic prosperity for the area during the his interview and guest appearance. His talk was also highly regarded as being correct in his optimistic viewpoints by many other analysts, corporate leaders, bankers, developers and government officials in other follow up segments.

The radio show which has re-run this segment many times afforded Rock the chance to really speak his mind on the great future of Wyoming and the many businesses in the state as well as the growing diversity and wealth of opportunity which abounds The Historic City of Casper, Wyoming. Rock's son Jimmy is also making things happen as he sets out to clean up.

Learn more about WashGuys efforts to build a stronger tomorrow in Wyoming;

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