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Washguy Founder Challenges Ashleigh Banfield in Traveling Mileage Contest


As Ashleigh Banfield puts on the miles Across America to discover the news. She travels to many states, and plans to visit 17 US Cities in a Special On Location tour bus. We applaud such efforts, and hereby challenge her, and MSNBC to catch us. We have currently traveled to 48 states twice and are on our third go around.  We been to every city in the us with a population over  50,000, and every state capitol. We have traveled to so many cities, we have overloaded our web team to get up all those pictures, here is just a sample of our tour. Or Click here for our victory tour page.

Yes America, we have you covered from coast to coast and sea to shining sea. America, we are there for you. Mr. Winslow sent an email to Ashleigh's program coordinator to challenge them to catch us if you can. We compliment them on copying our concept of traveling America and simultaneously challenge them. Of course we know no one can catch us, 272,000 miles so far and we are not slowing down for anyone. So far the score to date is 272,000 miles to 5,500 miles for Ashleigh. So she has traveled not quite 2% as far as our team thus far.

Good Luck Ashleigh may the best team win, and we already know who that is. WashGuys are number one !!!

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