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WashGuys Support Washington State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Washington State Hispanic Chamber honors Founder of Car Wash Guys by publishing his experience and advice on their official web site and Quarterly Newsletter.

At the Car Wash Guys we realize the incredible power of the Hispanic Sector in the domination of our markets and the move towards the Washing Industries most powerful levels of customer service. In addition to this we realize that the Growing Hispanic Middle Class represents twice the growth of any other nationality in our current economic trends. As we progress forward we are delighted to have that power base as part of our team. We believe in the free market system where the strongest and hardest working players are entitled to amass wealth. We believe that the strong survive and that anyone willing to go after their American Dream with such commitment deserves every thing which that dedication, team work, loyalty and perseverance creates.

This is why we are proud to announce joining the strength and unity of the Washington State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. We are also proud of the Hispanic Leadership and Hector Barreto Head Administrator of the SBA-Small Business Administration, which is turning around that agency into the most helpful agency of our Federal Government.  It was appointed by President Bush (click here for more). We believe his work with the Great Entrepreneurs of America, people like Michael Dell, who provide mentorship, advice and a superb proof of the Friedman Economic Model and Rags to Riches Success that awaits all those who are willing to do what ever it takes (click here for more). It is our privilege to help the Hispanic Business Community in their drive forward through adversity to their destiny. We are proud to join the ranks of this Hispanic Movement as together we bring service back to American and see productivity rocket skyward, thrusting our economy into the next Bull Market

We thank the Washington State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce with Headquarters in Seattle for allowing us to work with them for the betterment of all Hispanic business People both large and small. The Washington Hispanic Chamber has posted an article by the founder of the Car Wash Guys to their website to help the continued success of all Hispanic Business people across the North Eastern United States.

This month we may announce that Pete Zamora was Franchisee of Q 3 of 2002. Pete is inline for the honor and it is narrowed down to him and one other franchisees for top honors. Pete is our franchisee in the Sacramento, CA marketing territory. Last month Pete and his wife Shelly bought a new house in Sacramento, CA out of the profits of their Car Wash Guys Franchise.

As many of you know Car Wash Guys have many Hispanic Franchisees in many cities. And we even offer our Uniform Franchise Offering Circular in Spanish for other countries. To learn more about our Franchise Offerings in Spanish; (Click Here)


We will continue to support the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce until Hell Freezes Over. We will fight with you for the right to go for your American Dream. Just let us know how we can help. "We are with you" God Bless.

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