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WashGuys Visit C-Tech Manufacturing in WA

Last year there was a massive consolidation of Equipment manufacturers for the Pressure Washing Industry as companies tries to keep up the pace as equipment orders slowed 6 months before any other signs of economic slow down. At the time the US Dollar was weakening against the other World Currencies and this made it easy for very large European companies such as Karcher to enter the US Market and cut price. It was working until CO-Tech purchased Landa Equipment Manufacturing and several other very strong brands such as Hotsy and Spray Mart (leading catalog supplier of pressure washing supplies). But they did not stop there and bought out Shark Pressure Washers , in many other catalogs such as Granger, Northern Equipment, Sears, and others. Shark was a brand we learned about early on in the painting industry which was sold through many paint supply shops and sold out of ads in Rental Equipment News and other such media. Later they bought out Tuff Equipment , a competitor of lower end twelve volt machines competing for price against Landa. Hotsy is by far the longest standing and most well known of the brands in the Northern states and Canada. We stopped using Hotsy when the managers of the facility in Colorado Springs denied a surprise tour and visit by our founder in 1996. Our founder often visits franchisees, team members, vendors, suppliers and dealers un announced to insure the highest of standards. If you want to do business with us, you must be on alert at all times. This is a habit he had picked up reading books about Howard Hughes, Roger Penske, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Wayne Hiezenga, Todd Robinson, Ray Kroc, General Patton. Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan and others. Some people call it the Pearl Harbor way to do business, we call it the Desert Storm way to insure top notch and leading edge support from a team that must be clearly dedicated to being in the game to WIN ! Vince Lomabardi said once; "If you are afraid of a surprise inspection, you dead when the other team pulls a reversal on the simplest of play."

At that time and understanding the dynamics of mergers we stopped using Landa, Hotsy and Tuff. C-tech Industries now controls the following brands in the middle of the worst economic downturn since 1972-74. Click Here for more information. Knowing that somewhere during the merger the customer, namely us would have problems and attention to details might fall through the cracks. This is typical in any larger merger or fast moving consolidation type companies. AOL-Time Warner, HP-Compaq, Vivendi-Universal, Sears-Dean Wittier-Allstate-Caldwell Banker, Enron-Various Companies, Chrysler-Daimler Benz, etc.

So, we decided to put our faith in two other brands namely RamTek and HydroTech. We were right and we made AAA Pressure Washing and Supplies Unlimited the number one dealer in North America during FY 1998-1999 and then again in 2001.

We continued to buy through AAA Pressure Washers and dumped the non-performing vendors while simultaneously leaving our self open to listen to new dealers and vendors. When Andy Grove President of Landa, had a falling out with our founder over some pressure washers bought through a Phoenix Landa Dealer, Superior Pressure Washing, we moved away from Landa, now C-Tech and continued to hammer the market with other vendors. We were clearly winning that war and even the Federal Trade Commission's best efforts to stop our market dominance did not work.  Towards the end of 2001 we were back out to settle old debts in the market place against all those who opposed us and filed false declarations to the FTC against our company. Andy Grove today sits as the head of C-Tech Industries and overseas the entire consolidated set of companies. Where as many of his critics say the company is sucking wind, we went to look for ourselves, and they are doing anything but sucking wind and they may actually come back to kiss our ass as they run to dominate their industry. There will be winners and losers in any market, We will win and some where out there, there will be a supplier and manufacturer who makes the grade. That will be the company who builds our machines, because we intend to have only the best for our team.

For this reason you can rest assured we will be visiting those companies which appear to make the grade. We say appear because too many times companies have tried to dupe us into buying that which they cannot or never intended to deliver.

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