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WashGuys wait for EPA Approval on Wash Mat Technology

WashGuys are waiting patiently for EPA approval for additional Wash Mat areas for franchisees and team members who are expanding customer base faster than they can upgrade facilities. It is by using these temporary mats that we can expand rapidly to meet demand without sacrificing large cash reserves of our team to build permanent facilities to service market sectors that are at risk of economic decline or adverse sector rotations along with the stock market, valuation of the dollar or political whim of linear thinking and unknowing or caring politicians.

It appears we meet all the guidelines to satisfy the EPA and their Federal Clean Water Act of 1972 with all of it's 14,000 pages of amendments, 99% percent of which is estimated that they enforcers of such have never gazed upon, much less read. We figure that an EPA inspector can write a citation in 15 minutes, but to get them to come out and certify any compliance of such law takes weeks and weeks. And still they are afraid to make a decision. Maybe that is good, judging by the level of competence of some of the more tenure employees or brand new fresh out of school, I am going to save the world kids who work for the EPA.

We know this mat complies, we are waiting patiently for them to get in that little car of theirs, paid for by you and I, and drive 3.4 miles to inspect our mat. We expect they will stop buy some time in April of 2003 if we are lucky. The Federal Clean Water Act division of the EPA should be privatized and run under the guidelines set forth in the already agreed upon pages which make up the current law. Not in our life time. It is difficult to stay the course of leading edge environmental technologies with in a world filled with government workers whoa re afraid to make a decision, exist to give out fines and do not even understand what the environment is?

But with all that truth hereby said, we will continue to comply and push for greater innovation, cleaner air and water, inexpensive but accurate technologies and the welfare of the common good of all mankind. Why? Because clearly it is the right thing to do.

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