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Military Spec Aircraft Washing Soap Approved.

WashGuys have re-approved the Gemtek Metal Cleaner which has been approved by the FAA-Federal Aviation Administration and the USAF-United States Air Force. We have found that the product also was a significant improvement to the Railroad soaps and detergents used to clean Coal Railcars. We had used it in a demo for a major Rail Road Company and they were very impressed considering the near zero environmental impact of the product which clearly states zeros in all four corners of the MSDS Diamond.

Having Soaps which comply with 1-1-1 of the Air Force's Procedure Books as well as work with NATOPS manuals for corrosion control with the USN-United States Navy and Marine Corp Aviation is a major plus to get through the read tape encountered with 140 page solicitations for Aircraft Washing Contracts.

We also find it good when working in Air Force bases which are Superfund Sites or are under extreme environmental watch. One thing that continually sets WashGuys apart from the riff raff;

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We also enjoy using this product on general aviation aircraft; (Plane Wash Guys)and The Fractional Jet market which is growing by leaps and bounds.

To learn more about our many aviation and related services please also visit the Aircraft Wash Guys web site.

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