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Baby Boomer News Online Acknowledges Car Wash Fundraisers

After much careful research in Generational Marketing our research team has concluded that you must pay attention to the changes in the demographics and the wants and needs of your customers. This is why we are happy to say that generations of all ages find our community efforts fundamental in their needs. Here is Baby Boomers News, the online version, which recommends our Fundraiser Book;

Also noting that the Car Wash Guys and our Fundraiser Book is a valuable resource in "About.com" in their Nonprofit Specialities Newsletter.

As Baby Boomers grow older they find the need to give a helping hand and donate time and money to projects that they feel worthy. We do to, this is why WashGuys provide assistance to those in need in the communities they serve. This is why we wash motor homes, decks, boats, private aircraft and detail antique and sports cars. We not only understand the customer and their changing needs as a percentage of the entire demographic make-up of a region and that of the whole, but we are also quite proactive in delivering what they want before they ask for it.

For more information we recommend the following Books on generational marketing:

1.) Rocking The Ages

2.) The Yankelovich Reports

3.) The Millionaire Next Door

4.) Millionaire Mind

5.) Age Power

6.) Boomers, X'ers and Other Strangers

7.) When Generations Collide

8.) Selling to a Segmented Market

9.) Street Trends

Now anyone who thinks we have not studied all these books and the ideas of Ken Dychtwald and Yankelovich, they are wrong. Not only do we understand their thoughts and ideas, we have used these ideas to help us revolutionize entire industries. We even sat in on a presentation and lecture by Yankelovich and discovered we were already doing what they were suggesting.

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