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Drain Mat Tests in Vancouver Completed

To comply with Canada and USA environmental laws we have been conducting random test of the WashGuys Drain Mat Prototype pictured here. These drain covers invented by Mr. Young, a former Industrial Waste Specialist out of San Jose have helped Wash guys better understand the dynamics of building the perfect drain cover.

There are several drain covers on the market and this is probably the most inexpensive devise that works. Several other vendors of Drain Cover Containment devises do exist and are used in many countries. We wanted to build one built right here in the states, an inexpensive fool proof way to mitigate the possibility of any waste wash water entering a storm drain.

We have found that we need multiple sizes of such a mat to fit different purposes and sizes of drain covers. Some drain covers are rectangular, some are square and many are circular in shape. And they range in sizes from a foot by one foot to several meters across or two meter diameters.

Other companies make mats too, however we are trying to build the best mouse trap and a relatively low price so that no one is put out of business trying to comply with the concept of clean water for all.

Canadian Environmental Technology has raised the bar somewhat and thus made it a challenge for us to come up with a better devise. We accept the challenge and the academic and entrepreneurial competition for the best mouse trap are listed below;

Mark-It-Wise http://www.mark-it-wise.com/markwise/2typemd.htm  

EnviroDry http://www.canross.com/pdf/sb_peatsorb.pdf

Latimat Company http://www.latimat.com

Of Course the American Innovation is hard to beat, we have looked at all these companies for advise, samples and potential better devises for our team. We will never give up being the best in the World at what we do. Now their maybe people or companies who are very good at what they do, but no one can endure the long hard road we have committed to travel to be the best at everything we do. This level of sacrifice and commitment can only come from a strong team like ours.

We are not alone in our quest to find the best devise or methods; Click Here. The only difference in our search is that we want to find the easiest and least expensive way in solving the problem for our team and for all the people, farmers, other species and animals who need the water for survival.

Directory of North American Environmental Drain Cover Devises and survey done by Aqua Magazine: Click Here

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