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WashGuys Visit Washington Team Members; Washing-a-thon


Many great things are happening in Washington State with The WashGuys Team. Pictured here are Pat's crew cleaning the Corporate Command Center on a sunny summer Washington day.

Right now South West WA has the highest unemployment in the Nation at 8.7 to 9.2% and Portland nearby is up to 7.4% in the latest survey in May it was only 6%. Never the less WashGuys are so busy we cannot take additional work right now. So even scheduling the "Blitz Mobile" Corporate Command Center for a wash was a problem.

Portland Lay Offs, Unemployment Rates and State of Economy;

Washington Unemployment Rates far worse in secondary markets and rural areas.

After researching the archives of the Business First Business Journal and Portland Business journal and learning from local residents and businesses about the lay offs of the Dot Coms in Portland, the Truck Manufacturers, Fishing Industry, Port Authority, Commercial Realtors, Steel Industry, Energy Industry, Timber Industry we see major problems with funding for schools, city governments, police force, etc. We had talked to one police man who said that we do not go after stolen cars anymore, we give people a report number like they do in LA. Our founder several months ago physically caught a suspect who was later charged with felony hit and run, drunk driving, assault and battery. Mr. Winslow chased him down on foot after he drove into a fence and tried to continue the car chase on foot from police.

Even with all these problems in the market we are still winning at the WashGuys and we are expanding. Why? Image, efficiency, promptness, price, scheduling, attention to detail, strong team unity, use of safe and excellent products, Brand Name recognition, giving it that extra mile and above all that; customer service. As you can see by the way we set up go about our cleaning and carefully designing efficient methods, we can cut costs to compete in the toughest of markets. We will be there tomorrow and forever to service America no matter what it takes.

There must be 20 competitors in that market yet we are on top as always. The Corporate Command Center was washed in about 15-20 minutes including drying it off with a crew of three. That is a 70 foot ultra long exhibit trailer with Class A Motorhome tractor. That is impressive. And we are told that the WA team cleans trailers for the food and trucking industry in under 4 minutes (28 foot Box trailers). The record is about 3.25 minutes, not bad for Team Yellow. If we get it down any less we will enter NASCAR pit crew competitions and buy us a special stop watch:

The Blitz Mobile has been washed at over 100 different truck washes from coast to coast in over 30 states and no one can wash as fast or clean it as good as our Teams in Washington. We have waited in lines for up to three hours and we have had to wait for crews to wash the truck taking over one hour and they did not even dry off the chrome, leaving us with hard water spots, chemical streaks and a deflated pocket. They washed the vehicle with less than 14 gallons of rinse water used and 8 gallons of soap mixed water. That is about 22 gallons total. And just to refresh your recollection of how much water you use in your own drive way to wash your Honda, it is about 55 to 135 gallons total. Any questions about water conservation?

In Washington State we are Washing-A-Thon.

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