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New Book Franchise Relationships gets high praise from Founder

Our founder gives high praise for the New Book; "Franchise Relationships"

Mr. Winslow believes that true franchises will foster a strong bond with thier teams and those that do will succeed.

Mr. Winslow also has been mentioned in the book as well as this testimonial of this work on the back cover flap.

Previously Mr. Winslow had been very vocal on these issues in the IFA - International Franchise Association as a member and also in the AAFD-American Associaion of Franchisees and Dealers as the only actual Franchisor Board of Director Member. Mr. Winslow has written a whole chapter on Franchise Relations in "Franchising 101." A copy of this chapter is also on the Franchising.org site, click on the "Articles" Hyperlink.

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