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WashGuys Safety Bulletin 02-163 Discusses Hexane Products

Attention Team: URGENT

As per, WashGuys Safety Bulletin 02-163, any cleaning product containing Hexane is hereby off our official approved product list, until further notice.

Copy of Statement in Uniform Franchise Offering Circular of Approved Products Procedures;



The Company has no specifications on real estate used in your franchised business. You may operate this business from your home if allowed to do so by local ordinances and regulations, covenants, conditions and restrictions, your neighbors or landlord.

After the initial investment, you may, but do not have to, purchase supplies from The Company, if we offer them, which bear THE CAR WASH GUYS or WASH GUYS name. Proprietary soaps and supplies may be private label by us. We may make a reasonable profit (up to 30% of your purchase price) from the manufacture of soaps and other supplies and items you buy from us. The Company may also make a reasonable profit from supplies we purchase in bulk quantities and sell to you, if we offer them. We do not have to offer or sell you supplies. We may offer or cease to offer supplies to you at any time and for any reason. There are no required quotas as to quantity of purchases you must make from us or from approved vendors. You must have enough supplies on hand at all times to meet customer demand. If you do not have sufficient supplies on hand to meet customer demand you will be in default.

You must purchase all of your equipment and operational hardware from approved vendors to insure that each piece of equipment is of proper size and dimensions to allow unrestricted and efficient operations. You must insure that the installation and/or placement of all of your equipment and operational hardware conforms to the layout as prescribed in the Confidential Operations Manual. The Company does not have any approved suppliers for fax machines, office products or computer hardware, however the computer hardware must meet our specifications listed in the Confidential Operations Manual. You must purchase the initial specified computer software. Additional computer software or upgrades may be provided by us and paid for through on-going royalties. Soaps, towels, wax and supplies must also be purchased from The Company, if offered, or from approved suppliers.

All non-proprietary products, supplies and materials required for the operation of THE CAR WASH GUYS franchise must be approved by The Company. You may purchase from suppliers specifically designated or approved in writing from The Company. You may purchase from suppliers and vendors approved by The Company as outlined in the Confidential Operations Manual, Letters from Lance and our Franchisee Forum intranet system. These requirements are imposed in order to provide that THE CAR WASH GUYS services are of high caliber and performed in an expeditious and cost-conscious manner and in order to maintain uniformity of concept and insure overall quality. You will receive notification of any additions or revocations to our list of approved suppliers and vendors via our Franchisee Forum intranet system, additional pages in the Confidential Operations Manual or on diskettes for your computer. You will then have 30 days to stop ordering from a revoked vendor and may use up any stock you currently have or bought in that thirty days.

The Company maintains certain criteria for approving suppliers and will exercise its right of approval of their supplies sold to you in accordance with the following procedure:

1. You must submit a written request to The Company for approval of the suppliers.

2. The supplier must demonstrate to our reasonable satisfaction that they are able to supply a product or a service to you meeting our specifications for such commodities and that the supplier is in good standing in the business community with respect to its financial stability and reliability of its products or services.

3. For each product requested from an approved supplier, a sample must be submitted and approved by The Company 10 days prior to your using it on customer’s vehicles. A product only needs to be approved once.

The Company currently does not accept money from approved vendors from whom you must purchase equipment and supplies. We may accept money in the future and will notify you in writing as to how much money we will be accepting and how we plan to spend that money.

WashGuys after further review of the Industries recent problems with Hexane in tire dressings and other vinyl dressing proves conclusive.

After countless hours of investigation and data review on Hexane;

We have confirmed that the information in the industry media is correct.

Hexane Tire Dressing Explosions continue.

We have also concluded that the solvent Hexane can also cause neurological damage. The Hexane is also found in some high speed Polymer solvent waxes, none of which are on our approved vendor or product lists:

Giving the benefit of the doubt we discovered some startling information about the use of Hexane in the absorption of tire dressings. As a routinely used product in the industry it was not widely considered a threat even though it is quite explosive, until now. With written permission on a special use basis and with proper monitoring we may at our sole discretion allow franchisees to use this product. We approve the following vendor for monitoring kits for this purpose:

Industry has long known of the danger in Hexane, as a matter of fact a huge explosion happened in 1955 in an Oil Refinery in California.

Although this product may be in small containers on your work truck or in small plastic 5 gallon pails it still can have unforgiving characteristics and is an extreme fire hazard. We are recommending in it's place the following clear Rubber Dressing, see the MSDS. Click Here

Here are two examples of safe products used by our team.

Approved Product Number One

Approved Product Number Two

Please check the labels on your current products to see if they are safe and free of Hexane.

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