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Franchisee Survives Texas Flood and Excels

In San Marcos, Texas a Flood of Epic Proportions devastated much of the area.  Our Franchisee there Bailey Mullins, was on scene to help flood victims clean up the mess.  And a mess it was requiring fire hydrant hoses and reclaim suction devices.  Bailey Mullins is not one to say quit.  He is a true blue Texan through and through. 

This flood was even worse than the 1998 Flood when the Guadalupe River could not hold all the water.

WashGuys have always assisted Flood Victims whenever we can.  We believe this tradition of helping out in our communities and those in need across America is what clearly sets us apart in our industry.

It is these kind of weather events which challenge the strength and perseverance of all Americans.  It is a time when we must come together and fight to win over adversity.  that is what this great nation stands for, and this is what Bailey Mullins of San Marcos, TX believes in.  We salute him for helping the community and refusing to surrender to economic calamity that was before him.  Bailey Mullins has gone the distance and he is in good company with his local fellow Texans.  People like Lance Armstrong also from the area who won the Tour de France for a forth straight time, refusing to slack off or let up until he reached his destiny. 

There is something about a Texan, similar to those miners who refused to give up in Pennsylvania recently.  We put our own Bailey Mullins in that category. 

I guess we should have suspected Bailey was a fighter in true winning spirit when he broke the 1000 cars in one day barrier in his first three months in business.  Way to go Bailey.  This just proves that "Winners Never Quit, and Quitters Never Win !!!"

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