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Phoenix Baseball Super Star Jeff Kent Washes His Own Car

Jeff Kent Phoenix's Baseball Super Star Legend makes 6 million a year but claims he washes his own car and that he is just a regular guy.

He said in a recent interview on CNN, that he doesn't have any Car Wash guys washing his car or anything like that. Which led ESPN to call our founder and ask how much we charged to wash cars in Phoenix, since we have washed for some of Jeff Kent's neighbors. ESPN then calculated that Jeff Kent at 6 million dollars a year could buy just over 171,000 car washes from The Car Wash Guys of Phoenix.

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Jeff, Team Wash Guys loves you even if Phoenix originally balked at your salary. America loves baseball and we love to watch Jeff Kent win.

The Car Wash Guys also support youth Baseball it helps our children learn team work to become better citizens later in life.
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