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New Truck Wash Prototype Ready to Build

WashGuys have been studying how best to serve the Truck Wash Market as we have seen hole left by major competitors. We see a lack of quality in some markets such as the large LTL, Consolidated Companies and Express Companies. We also see a price problem with the diminishing Long Haul Owner operated sector. To top it all off one company appears to have a strangle hold on the industry and is very centralized and not meeting the needs and desires of the customers. We have been studying this industry as we travel the country and have been to more than 150 truck washes in the Continental US, we have been to truck stops and truck washes in nearly every state. As we study other industries like the quick lube industry for cars we see a pre-fab quick to build concept designed for low cost and high volume quick service oil changes. We believe that this combination and locations built near large truck distribution hubs should serve us well.

Our Prototype is simple enough and relatively in expensive to build. WashGuys have been studying steel structures and quick to build pre-fabs ever since we started washing Hangars at airports in the late 70's. These structures were build by Port-A-Port and Fleetwood. We often washed them and sealed them so they did not leak dust and rain and wind causing aircraft which we had previously washed and polished look dirtier than before we started. We often sealed the hangars with Styrofoam chips and used caulking compound around the edges. Our humble beginnings included the cleaning and sealing of hangars amongst our many aviation services. http://www.planewashguys.com. Even to this day we clean out hangars for private individuals and corporations that own outright or have shares in the fractional jet market. http://www.jetwashguys.com So we fully understand the climate control and strength requirements to make it happen. Usually airports have higher winds than other inner city areas due to the wide openness associated with airports. Truck Stops are similar in this regard since they are usually placed just out side of town where the land is less expensive.

Today after studying the possibilities of steel structure one day to build pre-fabs, we believe we have the answers. Recently in articles in Professional Builder Magazine and often written in Steel Structure News we see various new innovations in these markets to help with high winds, temperature controls and structural integrity. We believe our plans and other plans of Truck Washes to be the answer to low cost to build truck washes which can stand up to the stormy weather of the Mid West and Intense tropical depressions in the Gulf States and Eastern Seaboard. Having studied the newest innovations in heating and air-conditioning we believe we have discovered low cost methods to proper climate control for the workers of Team Wash Guys and to make sure the soap does not dry on the trucks, motor homes and buses, but still has ample dwell time to be able to wash without using Hydrofluoric Acid or other damaging HOV's. It is our strict adherence to longevity of customer's equipment that makes us go this extra mile. We have learned ways more advanced than our competitors to wash without dulling decals, oxidizing aluminum and melting rubber wiper blades, cowling hooks, window seals and hoses. This respect for equipment and customer will be the deciding factor in the market place as we attempt to take the market share from the leader as fast as possible.

After having studied the most successful Truck Washes in America such as Blue Beacon, Danny's Truck Resort and Little Sister's truck Washes, we have also studied the other regional players such as Eighteen Wheelers truck Washes, Sparkle Wash and Vern's Truck Wash and we see the need for a better mouse trap. There have been really no great innovations in truck washing in the last 30 years, only new marketing ploys designed to take the money faster and increase volume, nothing really revolutionary and even as we look at the newest innovation in San Antonio to wash trucks by automation, we see the customer unwilling to adapt from the standard. If you look at Kwik and Kleen Truck Wash in San Antonio you will see nearly an acre of enclosed facility to wash and detail trucks. The detailing area is leased out to a Florida Company for 100 years, while the automation section is run by the family owned corporation. This idea and methodology is sincere and a glimpse into the possible future, however it appears to be about 10-15 years ahead of it's time. Meanwhile this truck wash is situated directly between Blue Beacons standard wash. A company which owns 95+ truck washes nationwide and Blue Beacon's newest concept "Charlie's Old Fashioned Hand Wash" which does an excellent job at a relatively higher price as described by the long haul independents which often use such washes. It is similar to the Little Sister's Approach and most drivers are quite satisfied with the wash on their trucks once it is completed. The Kwik and Klean Concept is valid and used in City Corporation yards and the rollover system similar in design to those washing in mass transit yards, however this approach applied to independent and public washing is not yet perfected and the complexity of the robotics used upsets customers during periods of down time.

Our prototype is now being planned somewhere within the continental US boundary and no one knows where it will be until the day we break ground which is said to be with a pre-fab three days before we open. We plan on this level of speed in every market we enter and we plan to dominate this sector until which time we take it public or sell it, meanwhile bring on the dirt.

For all these reasons and many other we believe we are ready to rock on the WashGuy Nationwide truck Wash Franchise of Fixed Washes to cater to the needs of America's network of distribution hubs which deliver nearly every product or part that the citizenry buys. After all you have heard the saying, "If you bought it, a truck brought it"

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