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WashGuys Team up with Home Depot

Team Wash Guys Wyoming are helping the Home Depot Racing Team clean their rig after they traveled through wicked thunder and lighting storms and hail in North and South Dakota. After the static display at Casper they are on to Cheyenne, WY; Aurora, CO; and then off to Denver, CO. Where other Team Wash Guys control the market. WashGuys are the official washers of Home Depot Racing Promotions as they tour the country, we keep em' clean.

Recently our competitor ServiceMaster cancelled and was cut from the Home Depot Team as their pilot program of Home Depot customer referrals did not pan out the proper results for either company.

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To work at this level it takes a committed and dedicated team, it is not for the week and not every company will be able to perform at this pinnacle. We love our work with Home Depot and plan on continuing our traditions for many years to come. http://www.ewashguy.com.

We realize that few companies compare to Team Wash Guys. Or to Home Depot Racing Team as Tony Stewart recently said on CNN, after his last outstanding performance and victory. http://net-racing.com/Racin_Deals.htm. As most of you know Tony Stewart has become a house hold legend in many parts of the country. click here for more.

To get your Tony Stewart and Home Depot Racing Collectables check out this site: click here for more.

As you can see in these videos our WashGuy Team in WY is able to kick butt at the level of expectations of our many customers including Home Depot Racing. Also in the beautiful still shot of the WashGuys of Wyoming featuring crew leader manager "Jimmy" showing exactly what Tea, Work is all about in Casper, WY.

We support all the drivers, race teams and companies that sponsor and support one of America's favorite past time; "NASCAR !!!"

You will find Team WashGuys wherever there is the "need for speed." With one Nation Under GOD, indivisible with liberty and cleanliness for all, we have our work cut out for us. We accept the challenge of our racing friends to keep the positive image for race fans and the companies that sponsor them. "We are with You, NASCAR" http://www.nascarconnections.com/.

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