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WashGuys recognize Top Truck Manager of Q1 and Q2

Mr. Jonathan "Jonno" Low has been recognized as the top performing Night Manager by WashGuy.com and Team WashGuys MT. Jonno is formerly from New Zealand. He has a Chemical Engineering Degree and spent much of his life in New Zealand building and manufacturing Hover Craft. Custom made two seater sport units and ten passenger people moving hover craft. http://www.hovercraft.co.nz/Default.htm

South New Zealand is a wonderful place to grow up and live and hard work ethic in that harsh climate is a given.

We cannot thank Jonno enough for his hard work and dedication to Team Bozeman and the entire MT franchise network http://www.washguy.com/mt/index.shtml. Pictured with Jonno is the truck he operates as the Night Crew Manager of Crew Two in Belgrade, Livingston and Bozeman MT.

As we look across our great network of team members we are finding that our group has much more expertise and a much higher caliber of person within it. I challenge any company to match our information and worldly knowledge. Certainly no one in our Washing Industry has that level of knowledge. We are great because of people like "Jonno." Thanks Jonno for helping WashGuys stay number one.

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