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New Corrosion Control in Truck Manufacturing Process

WashGuys have added a new measure to help us in the harsh climates that some of our franchisees operate in.

We have added new corrosions control preventative measures to insure long life paint from possible chipping and rust. This was an innovation concept first brought to our attention be Team Wash Guys Denver and later reiterated by Team Wash Houston and Greenlight Washguys of Jacksonville. We listen to our team and we make it happen. By bringing the customized blue Rhino Linning to the edge of the work truck and around the edge by 1/2 inch we have proved through testing that we can prevent nearly all chips and rust from starting on the surfaces of the work truck.

Neccessity is the mother of invention and listening to the team on the ground floor is where you find the the answers. the front line knows what they need to win the battles in the market place. Win the battles against the economy, competition, government bureaucracy, weather and all the ugly demons which will rear their heads. We will stand and fight against Tornados, Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes, Droughts, Fires and we will win. We will go the distance for however long it takes and if we have to go through Hell to get to where we are going, do not expect us to stop. never surrender, strong survive. We know these statements to be truth and this is why we build such tough trucks.

We wish to thank our "Vendor Team Partner" Indurance Coatings, Greg Szymanski of Pheonix, AZ and Hoard Krew of AAAPWS Limited and of course those franchisees, team members and Brand Name Extenders who brought this to our attention. When a team is all on the same page, and of the smae mind, there is no problem that cannot be conquered. Thank you Team, you did it again.

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