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First Wyoming Truck Delivered

WashGuys now service 4 cities in WY. Previously we were able to service only large accounts in Laramie and Cheyenne WY. Now we will be servicing in Casper WY even a basic car wash. In Douglas, WY we will also service accounts. Our goal is to have another truck or trailer unit operating in Casper by Spring of 03' and also to have a Team in Sheridan to also service Gillette, WY. Many people in other parts of America do not realize the vast distances between cities in states like WY, MT, SD, ND, ID, NE, KS, NM, NV, WV, AR, OK, covering the those areas can only come from a team who not only understands the needs of the people, but also has the conviction to see it through. Any company can operate in a city like Los Angels, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Houston or Miami. But when it comes to the smaller towns and medium sized cities of America, it takes a team and a vision to make it happen. We are that type of company and we will see this through. Sam Walton had a vision, Ray Kroc, Tom Monahan, Dave Thomas had a vision. Other visionaries currently are Gates, Dell, Fred Smith, Shultz and they too are driving hard and all of these great visionaries had one thing in common, they always served the customer, gave them what they wanted and found opportunity in filling niches open in the market. These niches are untapped, and ready for someone, like us to deliver the goods, we accept the challenge and will continue to serve all.

It is a pleasure to be able to serve such markets where other competitors, large consolidators and corporate giants fail to look at. If you look at Wal-Mart they concentrated much of their early beginnings in areas of low interest, yet who is the biggest corporation in America today? Wouldn't you know it was the guy who traveled the country in a little motorhome setting up stores we now know as Wal-Mart. A customer is a customer is a customer. And just like the location motto, we believe the best location is all locations.

Here is our mission statement and let us tell everyone out there, We will prevail, it truly is the destiny of this great team.


To assist our franchisees in achieving their American Dream, whatever that dream may mean to them. To design and maintain a streamlined system of operations, top of the line car care products, innovative and effective marketing, trouble free and efficient equipment, the best support services and anything which will help the franchisee / team member / our family in their individually owned Car Wash Guys business.

To achieve these goals, we will strive to be the best. We will make business decisions, which are good for the franchisees, their communities, their customers as well as for us. Decisions, which are good both long and short term, which strengthen our franchisees and our name, which help us achieve success and help the environment. Decisions, which are fair for all concerned, always creating a WIN/WIN situation.

To achieve all objectives past, present and future, we will chose only the best prospective candidates to become franchisees, the crème of the crop.


  • To provide customers with consistent mobile wash services at a reasonable price
  • To give the customer what they want and foster repeat business
  • To provide customers with quality which stands out above the competition
  • To own a business unlike others which fosters community goodwill and makes customers proud to be customers
  • To develop a situation whereby when people of our town think car wash, they think Car Wash Guys
  • To use only environmentally sound products and methods
  • To retain enough profit to insure a comfortable lifestyle while achieving all of our mission goals

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