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WashGuys add Restaurant Cleaning to training

In our efforts to add value to our franchisees we have occasionally had to add new profit centers and modify our market mix. After 9-11 things have changed and some of the previously lucrative washing services offered by our team were not quite so great. Although still good and viable after UBL's (Usama Bin Laden's) bullshit crimes against humanity certain industries saw a slight sector rotation. We have operated in such Chaos before and have always used it to propel our company to greater heights realizing that everything would soon be back to normal. By trying out new markets and mastering them, we have learned how to add many new services without adding too much complexity. We have officially added Restaurant Washing to our category of services. As many of you know we have washed awnings for QSR's, Bakeries, Starbucks, Grocery Stores and restaurants. Bread Racks, Kitchen equipment have always been important for health reasons and since they need to be cleaned regularly WashGuys is stepping up to the plate to take control of those service sectors in our current and future markets. We have added to our training video tapes from Delco Cleaning Systems http://www.dcs1.com and articles from Cleaner Times Magazine.

We must stay on the leading edge of the service industry as we drive forward to "Wash The World" http://www.ewashguy.com .

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