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Car Wash Guys journey and franchise system is featured in Irving Burstiner's, PhD latest book for entrepreneurs and business people.

Irving is a leading authority on Business and Entrepreneurship. He has written other top sellers such as: Small Business Handbook. He is a leading expert in Retail, Service Industry, Mail Order, Management, Consulting, Entrepreneurship and Small Business. He has written over 25 books on business over the past 25 years.

We salute Irving Burstiner's contribution to America and the free market place, and we appreciate his vast business knowledge and applaud his life time's work to salute the back bone of America, The Small Business Person.


We thank Irving Burstiner for his kind words and the recognition he has given our team as we move forward to develop the greatest carwash company ever created. Even though our team is only on Chapter Two of Book One of the Wash Guys Trilogy, we are quite appreciative to be recognized by such a leading author, consultant, brilliant writer, speaker and Professor.

This new book can be purchased at all major book stores it is being printed now and will be out in July 2002 of this year. Should you want a copy for your company library, orders are now being taken online at Barnes & Noble ( http://www.bn.com   ) and Amazon ( http://www.amazon.com  ).

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How to Start and Run Your Own Service Business ; (New York: Citadel Press, 2002) Author: Irving Burstiner.

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