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Car Wash Guys form a Strategic Alliance with InfoSports

We have entered a Strategic Alliance with the InfoSports Team. Lance and Al have decided to continue their mutual efforts to help the Youth of America learn Team Work and camaraderie as part of their personal development. Now the two have united in efforts to help youth and their teams raise money for needed supplies, travel, uniforms and equipment. InfoSports is the leader in youth sports information on the Internet. InfoSports has dominated the youth sports markets and has important information on many sports and youth activities including;

InfoSports has the most utilized site on the Internet for Youth Sports. We believe by "helping Kids help themselves" we can build the greatest generation our Country has ever has. If you have kids in sports, you know you have the spirit of Team Wash Guys behind you. We salute the kids who work hard to better their skill and learn the essentials of working together towards a common goal.

We thank Al of InfoSports for walking the walk in his efforts to help kids, we are proud to work with him to help kids continue their efforts to raise money through car wash fundraisers. By using our methods they will be able to wash cars without hurting the environment or contributing to the drought. We also salute the Western Car Wash Association for promoting car wash fundraisers. We are happy to have defeated the International Car Wash Association efforts last year to end Car Wash Fundraiser by Youth Groups and sports teams. We were fortunate to have had the car wash fundraiser issue hit the national media with the help of Senators in Washington D.C.

By lobbying, help of the City of Los Angeles Storm Water Management Team and Senators in Washington D.C. , Oprah and her story on kids raising money for the Red Cross after 9-11 and constant battles in local markets by Wash Guys we have been victorious in saving Car Wash Fundraisers.

It is for this reason that Wash Guys are so proud to make our latest announcement with the World Famous InfoSports, to help occur thousands of car wash fundraisers in across America in every car wash market in the country

Thank you InfoSport, thank you Al this will be a great relationship helping the future of our Nation.

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