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WashGuys Sponsor Nevada Home Show on TV

We are happy to announce that The Detail Guys and The Concrete Wash Guys have teamed up in Nevada to sponsor the Nevada Home Show which is seen all over Nevada. Everyone has seen Bob on the Home Show on TV and now we are sponsors.

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As many of you know we are getting incredible promotional power by being official sponsors of Home Shows in The United States. We are doing this because after 9-11 more people are staying home more with family and this new focus on America's priorities of Family, God and Home are driving sales for WashGuy services at home. We are proud to be an official sponsor and even more delighted of our success in the TV Home Show marketing sector. We win again. You have to know which way to move when the Chaos of the world moves your cheese. there is opportunity in Chaos and we just found a little more.

As many of you know we were featured on the Home Show three times.

For Deck Washing http://www.deckwashguys.com

For house Washing at http://www.homewashguys.com

and for Concrete Cleaning at http://www.concretewashguys.com    

God Bless America and God Bless Bob and his staff at the Home Show on TV three nights a week.

To order services from the WashGuys our new site is up for Home Services at: http://www.ewashguy.com

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