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The Wash Guys have adopted the Professional Detailer's Code of Ethics, for our Detail Guys Franchisees.  Our Car Wash Guys division failed to adopt these codes due to item #5.

The Professional Detailers Code Of Ethics
  1. We will do quality work at a fair and reasonable price that represents value to the customer. This will allow us to operate at a fair profit so that we can perpetuate our business and be there to service the work we turn out.
  2. We will purchase only first-quality goods from a supplier who stands behind his product, so we can pass this quality on to our customer.
  3. We will operate within all federal, state and local laws.
  4. We will use honesty and integrity in our advertising and in our sales presentation.
  5. we will refrain from criticizing our competitors as it only weakens our industry in the eyes of our customers.
  6. We will constantly strive to eliminate all illegal and fraudulent practices that can bring the wrath of OEM down on us.
  7. We will provide a clean, professional environment for receiving customers.

Car Wash Guys cannot refrain from "telling the whole truth", so when our competitors are of low character and or quality we will expose this fact.

As far as our customers, we have one thing to say, "THANK YOU for making us number 1!"

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