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WashGuys Announces Support for SportsAssoc.com

Team WashGuys is so very proud to announce their support of New Jersey based SportsAssoc.com. Sports Associates gives free web sites to any youth sports team needing an Internet Site. This allows parents, coaches and kids to stay aware of the teams practices, events, sports camps, announcements and game schedules. It is so wonderful to support another group which supports kids and has pledged itself to American youth. Young men and women who do car wash fundraisers are obviously not only great athletes and team players, they are also great people. It is never easy to be great, these young men take it in stride.

As many of you know our youth are the future of tomorrow. Without a strong character which has been the history of this great nation, all would be lost. We are happy to see that others believe in building hard work ethic, honesty, team work, drive, perseverance, talent and a sense of community in our future. www.SportsAssoc.com is such a company. These young women show that Team Spirit is what it is all about! No wonder their team is at the top of the league. GREAT WORK !!!

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portsAssoc.com will be alerting it's teams who have free web sites on their servers that the Car Wash Guys agree with their vision. SportsAssoc.com also understands the intense need for funding of youth sports and will announce to it's members that The Car Wash guys are ready to serve and have developed a Free Book online for teams to super-charge their car wash fundraiser efforts. Car Wash Fundraisers are the second most popular fundraiser used to generate money by American Youth Sports Teams. And SportsAssoc.com is one of the largest youth sports web sites in the country. Their web hits to the main web site alone are over 35,000 per month. Just think how many web hits they get considering all the teams that they host free web sites for. "Together we will wash the world"

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