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Miami Conservancy District in Ohio Adopts WashGuys BMPs

The Miami Conservancy District of Ohio was started after a terrible flood of March 1913. Since then they have developed flood control and Best Management Practices (which at the time were not called BMPs, just the right way to do things). Today the Miami Valley Conservancy District is concerned with a host of other issues from Agricultural run-off to Industrial waste and even droughts.

The Miami Conservancy District is constantly looking for ways to stay on the leading edge of the most crucial issues concerning environmental solutions and monitoring and has been awarded many times over the last decade by the EPA for these state of the art procedures and programs. To stay leading edge the districts research included BMPs set up by The WashGuys and quickly adopted these methods to become law. Click Here for More 

As our Nationwide Lobbying efforts continue we will make a difference on clean water for our nations populations. No matter how high on the totem pole we have to climb to do it. Believe us when we say we have been there and we are making a difference, we are putting in our 2000 hours of community service where it will most count. Here we are in front of the Ohio State Capital Building in the over sized parking area.

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