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State of Tennessee References Founder in BMP Stormwater Treatment Manual

The Great State of Tennessee references Founder, Lance Winslow as the final bibliography reference to complete the 10 page research project for Good House Keeping and Best Management Practices for surface cleaning.

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This is the second time the State of Tennessee has used Lance's expertise and books in their research to establish Level II NPDES Permits in compliance with the EPA Guidelines to meet the latest Federal Clean Water Act of 2002 recent revisions. Our team has just completed Al Gore's book; "Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit" so Mr. Winslow thought he might start by helping The Great State of Tennessee clean up their lakes, rivers and streams first. We believe that all politicians must become aware that it is important to walk the walk. Al Gore's book was great and we listened to his speech as Vice President of the United States when he spoke at the Environmental Convention in Monterrey, CA.

As we travel from city to city and lobby at State Capitals for The WashGuys Team, clean water, the youth of America and what is right, we will never forget that it is our duty to see that such issues are dealt with and that our government that we own does what is necessary for the betterment of the American People.

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