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War Hero Returns from National Guard Tour in Bosnia

Ben Johnston has finally returned from Bosnia after a year of duty in the National Guard. Ben was an operator of a Tank. During his tour he was the Car Wash Guys of Bosnia and sent Scott of Team Wash Guys of Montana a picture of him using a pressure washer owned by the military to clean a Humvee. It is great that the Car Wash Guys Training has helped Ben in his service to Bosnia in our countries efforts to keep peace and end the carnage.

Our Founder personally went to Billings, Montana to thank Ben and Jake also pictured here came back from Bosnia also and was immediately hired by Wash Guys as a thank you for his help to our country in that foreign land. Ben and Jake both had stories to tell of the collection of weapons from locals to prevent future blood shed. Apparently these routine weapon round ups netted some pretty intense weapons such as hand launched rocket pods, machine guns, home-made weapons and grenade launchers.

Ben and Jake felt they had done their duty and were glad to be back. Our team has many former military personal in our ranks as well as many ancestors who served this country. Today our team is cleaning up the world with the same spirit Ben and Jake had when they cleaned the streets of weapons which would have been used in future conflicts as the region works towards stabilization.

Welcome Back Men, glad to have you on the team.

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