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WashGuys Corporate Command Center Returns from Canadian Tour

WashGuys return from their tours of British Columbia and Alberta Canada. As we cross over the border into the greatest country in the world we say good bye for now to beautiful scenic Canada. The Canadian Rockies are incredible this time of year and the people in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, Lake Louise, Banff, Jasper, Kamploops, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat were just wonderful. There are some good car wash markets there in Canada in the summer time perhaps we will set up dual franchises for people who travel South for the winter months in the USA.

We figure there are about 14 decent markets in those two provinces and they should go to some decent Canadian people. Good to have close neighbors with good markets for washing. We did see some competition and it is not too much different than that in the US. Image is not a high priority there in Canada, I bet the customers will be blown away when we come to town. And some lucky Canadian will be there to harvest all those customers awaiting the greatest mobile car wash on the Planet.

Here we are leaving the Canada at the boarder and checking into the United States of America, good to be back.

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