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Car Dealership Wash Guys Division Employee of the Month
Shane Martin of Reno, NV. has been chosen for the top employee of the month for the entire network of Car Wash Guys. Shane specializes in cleaning of all the car dealerships in Reno, Nevada most of which are located on Kietzky Lane. Shane is also the father of a new son, Tanner Eugene Martin. Shane's new nick name is "Super Dad" with Team Reno.

Shane has done extensive non-profit volunteer work in the community. During college, He picked up homeless people for Thanksgiving at his fraternity, he cooked all the food and everything. As a testament to his leadership skills, he was in charge of the entire event. We have witnessed such leadership qualities in the company as his crews are always among the top performers of all the units in Nevada in our system. Shane joined our team two years ago when he worked for the prototype detail shop project in Reno, where he was always one of the top employees. The numbers of cars his crews put out per month is mind boggling and rank up with and often surpass the numbers of franchisees in much larger cities of over 2 million in area population. Reno however is less than 375,000 in the regional area.

Shane also painted the fish on drains to make sure people don't put chemicals in drains that go in the Truckee river, our water source. This was done in the same spirit of our Nationwide efforts to keep the water clean and debris and wash water run off out of our nations fresh water supply.

Before Shane came to work at The Car Dealership Wash Guys as a Truck Manager in charge of multiple shifts, he won the Donald J. Smith award at Safeway for employee of the year for all the Safeway's, in the United States. This was for superior customer service and superior work ethics, 20 people out of 32,000 employees have won this. He worked at Safeway from age l5 to 20 years of age. He was awarded l,000 shares of stock in Safeway.

But this tradition of customer service and service to his community started long ago as Shane did allot of volunteer work for elementary schools.

Today Shane is among the elite team of the Car Wash Guys Dealership Division and is recognized as Employee of the month for his service to community, excellence in customer service, award winning leadership skills and for his part in helping keep the environment and our nation's water ways clean and pristine.

We are so proud of all of our team, but when people stand out like Shane, it is time to put that Gold Metal around their neck. Thanks, Shane, YOU are the reason we are number one in this industry.

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