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Fundraiser Program and E-Book for Home Schooling Organizations

Car Wash Fundraiser E-Book and Program to go out to all Arizona Based Home Schooling Groups in this months Newsletter. We wish to thank Holly Craw, President and Founder of Covenant Home School Resource Center.

Since we have given the e-book to many homeschooling groups through-out the nation we have found out from them why these car wash fundraisers are necessary. Here is what we have found and why we are working with Statewide Groups, which support local groups in getting the things they need to insure that every child learns the necessary items to propel themselves through life.

Our Fundraiser Book accomplishes the following:

  • Teaches Kids about Clean Water and Pollution
  • Teaches Kids about Water Conservation
  • Offsets Costs of homeschooling
  • Teaches Hard Work Ethic
  • Teaches team Work
  • Helps with Socialization that Other Kids Get in School
  • Helps kids Organize, Plan and Strategize
  • Teaches Kids about Small Business and Marketing
  • Teaches kids Respect and Customer Service

These are just some of the reasons we wish to team up with Home Schooling Groups in the States we serve. Great nations Exist due to adequate stabilization of:

  • Monetary Systems
  • Transportation Systems
  • Educational Systems
  • Distribution of Resources
  • Infrastructure

It is incredible that kids can learn some of each of these most important aspects of civilization from a simple car wash fundraiser. Sometimes cleaning up the world starts with the kids and a few cars.

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