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Wash Guys to Test Newest Organic Cleaner/Degreaser from Arizona Based Company

Wash Guy Arizona based franchisees to offer assistance in testing a new product for our Nationwide Team. We have been in contact with Cynthia Drasler, CEO and President of Organic Choice. This product has been approved by OSHA and the EPA and is the only product which is both a cleaner and degreaser to have the Green Seal of Approval for both household and environmental use.

We are quite impressed with this product so far and are going to put it through the grueling test of Wash Guys. This product is currently being used in side US Naval Submarines, our founder's Uncle spent his military career in a Nuclear Submarine during the cold war. The product is great in that it is readily biodegradable in 27 days at which time decays into carbon dioxide. There plant is also ISO certified. It will not harm customers plastic, rubber, wax or painted surfaces. It cleans windows at a dilution ration of 256:1, it cleans oil off driveways at 20:1 and trains, cars, boats, trucks and planes at between 18:1 to 26:1. Interiors of cars at 64:1.

Click here for the spec sheet.

Organic Choice sounds like it just maybe the ticket for Team Wash Guys.

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