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Work truck Visibility Prototype Configuration for 2003

WashGuys are very much into safety and with the way that the average driver in America cruises our highways, we are always looking for ways to hedge our bets and to prevent ambulance chasing attorneys and reckless drivers from slowing down our progress. We have developed a new Head Board for our units which will make visibility even better.

This will assist our crew members and franchisees in seeing potential work as they drive by various locations in their target zones and territories. Any fighter pilot will tell you that speed and visibility are essentials for life. We agree whether in the air in an A-10 or Apache Attack helicopter or on the ground in the latest and greatest most heavily fire powered car wash truck.

Our Franchisees have had few accidents over the years, but any accident causes delays and work flow problems while the vehicle is out of service. A small fender bender can cost a day or two of work while in the shop , causing lost revenue to our team and allowing the competition to get a foot hold. Our team says NEVER. For us to continue market domination we must continue to innovate, streamline, push the envelope and move the ball forward. We can, we will, we must. There is no room in our game for second place, this is about victory, this is about winning and IT's about time.

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