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Railcar and Train Washing, Cleaning and Graffiti Removal Expansion Plans

The Wash Guys will wash anything as many of you know. Trucks, Trains, Automobile, Boats and Planes. We are quite happy with the Bush Appointment of the Former President of CSX Railroad. Understanding our infrastructure and distribution system is a key part in running this great Nation. We are proud to serve the cause by washing railcars and trucks. Image is important to these large distribution companies, so that the public can feel happy when they have to wait for a railroad crossing or a line of tractor trailers exiting a freeway.

WashGuys are working with a company out of Denver which is the premier Train Wash Facility Builder in the Country, specializing in Tanker Rail Car wash-out. Steve Arndt is the co-founder of the Lebeau Group in Colorado. They are our official approved Rail Car Consulting Team.

Click Here for Steve Arndt's resume

We are looking into a Railcar Washing Facility in Denver, CO, Jacksonville, FL and Casper, WY. Of course these will be franchised to existing team members. Coal Cars, Natural Gas Tankers, Crude Oil Tankers, Refined Fuel Tankers and Refinery based chemicals Tankers will need to be cleaned. But also realize food grade tankers are also important to our food supply and must be cleaned often.

As you can see these railcars are quite dirty and grungy. But WashGuys has the simple solutions and best chemicals to clean them right. We are the coolest railcar washing company the South (in our opinion) and we plan on taking that expertise to a whole new level. When it comes to keeping America Clean, you can always count on the WashGuys Team. Anything, Anywhere, Anytime. Thank God for Dirt and while you are at it, God Bless a Clean America.

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