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Alachua County Florida Sites Car Wash Guys BMPs for Charity Washes

Alachua County Florida Sites Car Wash Guys BMPs for Charity Car Wash Fundraisers.

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By assisting the FDEP-Florida Department of Environmental Protection with mitigating possible wash water run-off into one of Florida's most sensitive areas, Car Wash Guys bring our knowledge, know how and expertise to help the larger community. At a time when money is tight for non-profits and water supply is low thus making the contaminants in the water ways even more concentrated, Car Wash Guys are able to help in so many ways. Florida's Breeding Bird Atlas - a great resource on Florida's birdlifeHelping our youth to stay active in positive activities and off drugs and other substance abuses, protect our water supply by using little water during times of drought, helping to help clean our most natural resource (water), prevent water borne debris, chemicals and waste water run-off, which can lead to the formation of viruses, bacteria and health issues, while simultaneously helping Florida recovery from their economic woes from lack of tourism, which has bitten into the states tax revenue and curtailed non-profits from getting the fair share needed to help guide and nurture our future, the children of the Great State of Florida.

We are honored to serve and protect. The natural habitat and species of the region depend on The Car Wash Guys for answers, ideas and good solid BMPs (Best Management Practices) to guide our citizens back into the prosperity and utopia they seek. God Bless Florida and it's people. And God Bless America.

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