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Founder Gives Marketing Speech to University of Phoenix MBA Students

Founder Gives Speech to MBA Students on Marketing Principles in the Real World

Each MBA student is required at the University of Phoenix to go through rigorous classes in marketing. Students are broken into groups and set out on a project to develop a bullet proof marketing program for a hypothetical company. Many of these projects become actual companies after they leave school. many times professors will enlist outside Entrepreneurs to give students a glimpse of the real world and to help supplement the classroom, text books and theory.

Our founder often volunteers his knowledge and experiences in building The Car Wash Guys to assist the next generation of up and coming business leaders at Colleges and universities across the Country. This is just one more way we can assist our great Nation, in good solid business practices with time tested strategies to lead this country into the future of modern commerce. We believe it is up to all of us to maintain a solid footing of ethics, a foundation of theory and a belief in the greatest economic system in the history of our species on this Planet. The University of Phoenix is very high tech and many programs are also offered online.

The University of Phoenix develops those types of leaders for our future. We are proud to help them in their mission to bring advanced education in business to the diverse and growing arena of each market sector and Industry as the United States leads the world with knowledge, service and understanding of capitalism, freedom and prosperity.

We at the Car Wash Guys feel it an honor to help and our founder feels it is his duty to do so. As we recover from this recession we know that the University of Phoenix will have the future business leaders trained and ready to go. The wheels are turning and the University of Phoenix has the answers. We thank them for having us and we are honored to help them accomplish their mission. Looks like America's economic future is in pretty good shape thanks to the University of Phoenix.

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