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Car Wash Guys Set to Regionalize Master Franchise Blitz-Marketing Mobiles

Car Wash Guys Expanding and Adding Additional Mobile Marketing and Support Units

Each unit will sleep four Blitz-Marketing Team Members and tow a trailer with two mopeds and (hopefully) two small Yellow and Blue Hydrogen Cell-Electric Combo cars for advanced direct sales and blitz marketing. We have picked this unit due to it's versatility and sleek design. Trailer will also act as a Ready Room for on-site marketing and customer education.  Each master Franchise will be required to spend time in the Blitz Mobile marketing our system and services in their Master Franchise territories. Master franchises for large areas are required to purchase one of these units in order to become a master Franchise with the WashGuys. They will have their choice of a Peterbuilt, Kenworth, Freightliner or Volvo Chassis. Cost of unit $176,000 as is with another $40,000 in electronics, direct marketing vehicles and glow in the dark logos. Master franchises will be in charge of the new Oil Change Guys Concept as well. All new this year.

Of course the original Blitz Mobile II design will still be used by the Founder to network with the entire group of master franchise Blitz teams.

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The founder is running hard still after 272,000 miles across this country and is looking soon at moving up to Blitz Mobile III. he has decided to wait until late 2003 or Q1 2004 to switch to the Wash Guys Newest Flag Ship.

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We are going to be co-branding all WashGuy systems and Team Yellow Concepts, together into one giant service company that is poised to dominate each sector. Every one is wondering what our plans are for 2003, here is what we are aiming for.

The vision is grand, the goal is set high, the price will be earned and competition can say good bye.

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