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Washing and Detailing Shuttle Becomes Specialty.

Our Team is quickly becoming the leaders in Shuttle Bus Washing for Casinos in many markets. During tough times many industry sectors are hurt, some do quite well. We are finding that our most recent set of customers, the Casinos have been very good for our team. They pay on time and have lots of equipment that must look good all the time. One of the most important things we wash is the Casino Shuttle Buses. And twice per year we give them full detailing. Many of these Casinos are so large they have a whole fleet department to monitor all their mobile assets. Cars, trucks, shuttle buses, limos, etc.

There are many variations of these shuttle buses and we have worked with the manufacturers and dealers to understand the needs of each of these pieces of equipment and their materials.

Shuttle Buses often pick-up seniors from nearby destinations and bring them to the Casino or pick-up business travels at the airport and drive them to the hotels. We realize that the interiors of these shuttles indicate to the customer the level of quality and service at the Casino, the first impression is our responsibility.

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