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Founder Submits Recommended Book List, Biographies, Audio and Movies

WashGuys Founder sees a need for on going learning, which must not stop after HS.  In order to continue a life long education it is important to understand and observe the world, understand our places in it. understand the ideals that got us here and the people who worked so hard to bring about the change needed to propel mankind's future.

Below is a list of recommended Biographies, Books, Audio Tapes and Movies which can assist you in your lifetime of learning.


Leonardo da Vinci
Bertrand Russell
John Nash 
Chuck Yeager
Charles Deming
Milton Friedman
Fredrick Winslow Taylor
Cecil Rhodes
Jane Goodall
Juaque Custaeu
Betsy Ross
Stephen Wolfram
Winston Churchill
Alexander the Great
Bill Gates
Steve Balmer
Fred Smith (Fed Ex)
Michael Dell
Lee Iacocca
General Patton
Ronald Reagan
Princess Diana
Jack Welsh
Ray Kroc
Tom Monahan
Richard Branson
HP Founders
Sam Walton
Walt Disney
Thomas Edison
L. Ron Hubard
Thomas Paine
Howard Shultz
Henry Ford
Lance Armstrong
Louis Rouchauser
Von Clauswitz
Colonel Boyd
Vince Lombardi
Tiger Woods
Joe Nameth
Wayne Gretsky
Mark Spits
Carl Lewis
Neil Armstrong
Hank Aron
Babe Ruth
Steven Hawking
Thomas Jefferson
Adam Smith
The President
Ronald Reagan
Nelson Mandella
Warren Buffet
Larry Ellison
Dave Thomas
Ted Turner
Craig McCaw
Andy Grove
Paul MacCready
Steven Spielberg
Gene Roddenberry
Carl Seagan


What they don't Teach You at Harvard
The Death of Competition
Win Win Scenarios
Masters of the Universe
The Experience Economy
Free to Choose
How Capitalism Saved America
The Evolution of Economic Thought
The Wealth of Nations
Made to Stick
The World is Flat
The Extreme Future
In the Company of Giants
Multiple Intelligences
Creating Minds
Intelligence Reframed
Nature Via Nurture
Visual Encyclopedia of Sci Fi
Swim With the Sharks...
What Color is Your Parachute
Winning Numbers
People of the Century By Dan Rather
Profiles of Genius
It is Always Something
Holographic Universe
Believe to Achieve
The GE Way
The World on Time
Millionaire Next Door
Think and Grow Rich
500 Year Delta
Finite Capacity Scheduling
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
It Ain't as Easy as it looks
Blown to Bits
A Future Perfect
The Whiz kids
Disruptive Technology
Opportunity in Chaos
Dilbert series
Trump series
Essays of Warren Buffet
If it Ain't Broke, Break it
We Seven
Rocking the Ages
In all His Glory
Big Blue
Shapes of Time
Start Small Finish Big
Guerilla Marketing series
Slim Forever
Grinding it Out
Net Centric Warfare
On War
Time Travel in Einstein's Universe
The Singularity is Near
The Future of Capitalism
The Black Swan
The Future of the Book
The Extreme Future
Long View
Emotional Intelligence
Innovation; Developing New Products
Running on Empty
The Age of Heretics
Why Decisions Fail
Thinking About the Future
Game Changer
Global Brain
The Black Swan
Shock Doctrine
Pour Your Heart Into It
The Warren Buffet Way
Warren Buffet Portfolio
The New Buffetology
Henry Kissinger
Alan Greenspan
The Age of Turbulence
Made in Japan
The History of Japan
Asian Dilemma
Doing Business in China
China the Gathering Threat
Red Dragon Rising
Three Billion New Capitalists
Chinese Civilization
China Wakes
World Class
MegaTrends China
The Bull in China
Adventure Capitalist
Investment Biker
One Billion Customers in China
The Problem with Knowledge
Physics of Immortality
The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
In the Company of Giants
Building Mental Muscle
The Future of Literary Theory
Scattering of Light in Particles
Plato - The Dialogues
Critical Thinking
Dreams of a Final Theory
The Singularity is Near
50 Years from Today
Jumping the Curve
The Power of Color
Present at the Future
This is Your Brain on Music
The World in Six Songs
A User's Guide to the Brain
Whole Brian Thinking
Think Outside the Box
No Turning Back
Oxford Unabridged Dictionary
Encyclopedia Britannica

Books to understand reality:

Note: It is always wise to read the counter arguments to your beliefs and explore the reality behind what is, as nothing is at it seems. Occam's Razor only takes one so far, the rest you have to discover by a diversity of thoughts, opinion and explanations even if they are disturbing or unthinkable.

Virus Hunters of CDC
Bin Laden, INC.
American Jihad
Hot Spot
Cobra Event
Every Drop For Sale
The End of Privacy
Privacy on The Line
After a California Earthquake
The Audacity of Hope
Whisper of Fear
The UN Exposed
Genetic Engineering
The Craft of Political Research
The Secret to GE's Success
My Life as a Quant
Brokerage Fraud
Financial Armageddon
Death by Government
Brief History of Time
What is Atheism
In Defense of Elitism
The Road Ahead
Most of the reading list of the "Futurists"
Theory and Practice of Hell
Mien Koff
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
They Dare to Speak
The Art of Talk
Proudy's book on JFK
US VS. Microsoft
Confessions of a Stockbroker
Confessions of a VC
Secrets of the Temple
The Rotten Heart of Europe
Amsterdam and the History of Commerce
The Art of War
VonClauswitz on War
JFK Reckless Youth
Mining the Sky
Rogue Asteroids and Doomsday Comets
Fire on Earth
America Can Compete
The Rise of the Fourth Reich
Missile Envy
The Culture of the Cold War
Jerusalem Countdown
God is Not Great
Selling Our Security
Hussein of Jordan
Perilous Power
America Alone
Marching Towards Hell
Genghis Khan
Positively False
Unveiling Islam
War and Decision
Chechen Jihad
War Footing
Brighter Than the Baghdad Sun
Gusher of Lies
The Threatening Storm
Thicker Than Oil
America the Vulnerable
The Partnership


The Psychology of Winning
Benjamin Franklin Series from Franklin Quest
Mega Memory
Executive Summaries

Audio People:

Brain Tracy
Tom Hopkins
Tom Peters
Tony Robbins

*comments:  Motivational Tapes tend to be too showy, but have some value.

People should listen to tapes instead of wasting time, if you are not observing things, you should be learning something.

Favorite Movies:

Top Gun
Vision Quest
Karate Kid
Back to the Future Series
Jaws Series
Logan's Run
Blade Runner
Minority Report
Enemy of State
007 Series
Saving Private Ryan
St. Elmos Fire
The Net
Goodwill Hunting
A Beautiful Mind
Predator Series
Road Warrior Series
Rocky Series
Star Trek Series
Star Wars Series
Battlestar Galactica Series
Jurassic Park Series
Die Hard Series
Blood Diamond
Matrix Series
Vanilla Sky
District 9
Eagle Eye
Lord of War
Iron Man Series
2001 Space Odyssey
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
The Rock
Gone in 60-Seconds
The Abyss
The Perfect Storm
The Right Stuff
Ben Hur
Tora! Tora! Tora!
Terminator Series
The Constant Gardner
Manchurian Candidate
Born Series
Tailor of Panama
Twelve O' Clock High
A Bridge Too Far
30-Seconds Over Tokyo
Mystic River
Battle of the Bulge
Sink the Bismarck
Battle of Britain
Torpedo Run
Memphis Bell
Flags of Our Fathers
Flying Lethernecks
Heart Break Ridge
To Kill a Mockingbird
Gone With the Win
Against All Odds
Tequila Sunrise
I, Robot
Spy Game
No Way Out
Das Boat
Enemy Below
Crimson Tide
Hunt for Red October
K-19 Widowmaker
Good Morning Vietnam
Cannon Ball Run
Fast and Furious Series
Mad Max
Independence Day
The Core
The Sum of All Fears
Planet of the Apes
Red Dawn
Deep Impact
Super Nova
Escape to Witch Mountain
Space Cowboys
Transformer Series
Super Volcano
The Last Castle
Storm Chasers
Vertical Limit
Mega Fault
Storm Tracker
The Towering Inferno
Andromeda Strain
Solar Attack
Air Force One
Event Horizon
Life After People
Smoky and the Bandit
Def-Con IV
Jet Pilot
Bruce Lee Series
Transformer Series
Spider Man Series

Authors with multiple books he reads (fiction):

Ayn Rand
Arthur C Clark
Michael Creighton
Isaac Asimov
Erik Larson
Ben Bova
Tom Clancy
Shakespeare Plays and Cliff 's Notes
Charles Dickens

Online Newsletters and Ezines:

Note: It takes a lot of surfing over a long period of time to find the best online newsletters and ezines. It is recommended to take an email newsletter for 3 times, before unsubscribing, even if you are not sure. Eventually you will have a collection of ezines, which come on a periodic basis that are easy to scan and keep you up to date. Much of the information will be duplicated and appear online prior to the print news media, so you will always be ahead of the game and ahead of folks even in their own industries. The famous saying; "you can only believe half of what you read" does hold true in this venue, so beware of what you take as absolute fact, much is politically or PR motivated, nevertheless, very interesting indeed.


  • Florida Trends

  • SixWise

  • MarketingNewz

  • SoHoDay

  • Small Business Newz

  • Advertising Day

  • Business Intelligence Report

  • SalesMotivation

  • Dell Small Business

  • Vision Force

  • Springwise

  • ReadWriteWeb

  • Start-up Review

  • Compliance Training News

  • OCED Civil Society Newsletter

  • Self Service World

  • Casual Dining News

  • HazMat Management

  • Design Build Network

  • Seeking Alpha Blog Alerts


  • IndustryWeek

  • Best of eWeek

  • MSFIN Microsoft

  • Microwave Journal

  • HREOnline

  • Forbes Aerospace

  • IFA SmartBrief

  • FranchiseHelp

  • IPI International Parking Institute

  • CCJ

  • Traffic News

  • Transport Topics

  • TruckPaper

  • ATA eNews

  • Aircraft Maintenance Technology News

  • BC Arizona Water News

  • BC Texas Water News

  • BC Rocky Mountain Water News

  • WaterTech eNews Daily

  • WWD & WQD Magazines

  • SafeDrinkingWater

  • International Carwash Association

  • AMT Aircraft Maintenance Technologies

  • NADA Headlines

  • AutoRental News

  • NOLN e'News

  • Energy Biz Insider

  • EnergyCentral

  • KEMA's Retail Energy News

  • Eye for Energy

  • SEMA eNews

  • WardsAuto OEM News

  • AutoSpies

  • Inside Office

  • B to B

  • BroadcastingCable

  • Fuel Cell Today Fortnightly Newsletter

  • GeoCommunity

  • Geo Spatial Solutions Weekly

  • Ragan Communications

  • JetScape

  • Professional Builder

  • The Virtual Chase

  • IT Edge

  • The Business VoIP Report

  • FierceWireless

  • FierceBiotech Researcher

  • FierceBioTech

  • FierceBroadbandWireless

  • FierceVoIP

  • FierceTelecom

  • FierceHealthcare

  • Pharmaceeutical Online

  • GlobalAir

  • FireEngineering

  • ProcessingTalk

  • Process Engineering

  • Growth Report

  • Foodservice

  • CIO Newsletters

  • Techworld Daily News

  • PC World

  • InteractiveTV Today

  • XM Radio Online News

  • eCommerce Trends

  • Smart Classroom

  • CRMNews

  • ResourceShelfNewsletter

  • TechTarget and MyView

  • Bitpipe "White Paper" alerts (all categories)

  • USAircraft Sales

  • National Restaurant News

  • Housing Giants - Housing Zone

  • NineReport Connecting News

  • ContactLessNews

  • Control Engineering

  • HydroWorld

  • Material Handling Solutions

  • JOC Daily

  • Homeland Security Newswire


  • DID Newsletter

  • Softwar News

  • ASD Network

  • GSN Homeland Security

  • Shephard Alerts

  • GSN Defense IT

  • Military and Aerospace Electronics

  • Softwar

  • Army Technology

  • Naval Technology

  • Air Force Technology

  • Armed Forces International

  • Stratford

  • IDGA

  • Defense World

  • Defense IQ


  • Slashdot

  • The Register

  • CyberNet Technology News

  • SoCal TechNews

  • GizMag News

  • TechWorld Daily

  • TEDdotcom

  • TRB E-newsletter

  • SmallTimes

  • MIT Technology Emerging Technologies Emails

  • MIT InfoTech Weekly Update

  • MIT World

  • KurzweilAI Online

  • Microsoft Live Advisor

  • Daily TechRag

  • Photonics Ezine

  • SearchSecurity News

  • Electronic Design Update

  • Microwave Flash

  • Smart Classroom

  • EERE Network News

  • BrainConnection

  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

  • TechWorld iLink

  • Systems Biology

  • Bankelele

  • Web Buyer's Guide Security Products

  • Northern Light Analyst Views Weekly

  • USA Today's Tech News

  • Airport Technologies

  • Forbes NanoTech

  • Washington Technology Daily

  • MedGadget

  • EERE Progress Alert

  • Human Kinetics

  • IRmep

  • SecureIDNews


  • Messenger Mission News

  • SpaceRef

  • Chandra X-Ray Center

  • NASA NAI Newsletter

Non Profit

  • Orton Family Foundation


  • WFP World Food Program

  • CSRWire

Futurist Topics

  • Futurists

  • Yeschaton - Mark Pesce

  • Foresight NanoTech Institute

  • StarWars Ezine

  • Positive Futurist

Third World

  • Bolivia Rising

  • Mission Network News


  • Corrections News

  • National Sheriff's Association Ezine

  • GovExec Government Executive

  • GCN

  • GTEN

  • WT WashingtonTechnology

  • GAO New publication alert

  • OCED Research Paper Alerts

  • FAA AD Notices and Alerts (all)

  • FBI Case Alerts


  • TTD Berkeley

  • PopSci

  • New Scientist

  • Steve Spangler's Science

  • eClinqua

  • National Geographic

  • UCS Email Alerts

  • AFS Email Alerts

  • WFS Ezine

  • Wolfram Science Group

  • Cranbrook Institute of Science E-Newsletter

  • National Academic Press Alerts


  • Christian World eNews

  • CSMonitor News

  • Institute for Humanist Studies

  • ReikiNews

  • LDS Living



Note: Google Tool Bar allows you to customize and add these Digital Newspapers, so you can easily scan the headlines and read the most important information. 

  • New York Times

  • Scotsman Paperboy

  • USAToday Online

  • The National Post

  • Japan Today

  • Calgary Herald

  • Washington Post

  • New York Times

  • LA Times

  • The Seattle Times

  • Arizona Republic

  • Houston Chronicle

  • Miami Herald

  • Times of India

  • Economic Times of India

  • Taiwan News Online

  • BBC

  • CNN

  • Reuters

  • Flight Global

  • Wired

  • Slashdot


  • ARI Ayn Rand Institute News

  • WSWS World Socialist Website

  • MEF News

  • Salon Newsletter

  • Democracy Now

  • Sylvia Browne

  • Hudson Group

  • HonestReporting

  • Cooler Heads Digest

  • Front Page Mag

  • Freedom Phoenix


  • Sports Performance Bulletin

  • Active Insider


  • Magical Musings

  • eBook Times

  • Global Voices Blogger Alert

  • eSchool News

  • Coast to Coast Am News Log

EzineArticles News Alerts

 Note: EzineArticles is an online clearing-house and syndication website where some 100,000 authors post articles for distribution, about 1 Million articles are currently in this treasure trove directory. These email alerts often reveal the latest techniques and happenings in industry, government, non-profit sectors. Mr. Winslow himself contributes articles here.

The following email alerts are advised to stay abreast of information creation in real time. One can customize their own list (large or small)and receive information on a routine basis, great for small business people or folks are so busy they do not always know what is happening in subsectors of their own industry: 

  • Humanities

  • Humor

  • Philosophy

  • Automotive

  • RV

  • Trucks

  • Advertising

  • Branding

  • Change Management

  • Customer Service

  • Entrepreneurialism

  • Ethics

  • Franchising

  • Fundraising

  • Industrial Mechanical

  • Management

  • Marketing

  • Non-Profit

  • Negotiation

  • Outsourcing

  • PR

  • Retail

  • Small Business

  • Strategic Planning

  • Venture Capital

  • GPS

  • Personal Tech

  • Hardware

  • Software

  • Food and Drink Soups

  • Salads

  • Gardening

  • Parenting

  • Landscaping

  • Commercial Insurance

  • Blogging

  • E-Books

  • Ecommerce

  • E-Mail Marketing

  • Copyright Legal

  • Intellectual Property

  • Cyber Law

  • Patents

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Trademarks

  • Crime

  • Economics

  • Energy

  • Environmental

  • Military

  • Politics

  • Pure Opinion

  • Religion

  • Weather

  • Birds

  • Commercial Construction

  • Commercial Property

  • Real Estate Foreclosures

  • Boating

  • Cycling

  • Extreme Sports

  • Olympics

  • Running

  • Skateboarding

  • Track and Field

  • Triathlon

  • Future Concepts

  • Home Schooling

  • Online Education

  • Science

  • Coaching

  • Anger Management

  • Goal Setting

  • Happiness

  • Innovation

  • Motivation

  • Organizing

  • Positive Attitude

  • Self Esteem

  • Success

  • Self Improvement Techniques

  • Product Reviews

  • Book Reviews

  • Aviation and Airplanes

  • Charter Jets

  • Sailing

  • Writing and Speaking

  • Article Marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Writing Articles

  • Home Appliances

  • Home Cleaning Tips & Tools

  • Home Improvement DIY

  • Flooring

  • Heating and Air-conditioning

  • House Plans

Google News Alerts for the Following Words:

NOTE: When taking Google News and Blog Alerts one must quickly scan the titles and first few lines of each entry to maintain time efficiency. Anyone in business, specializing or interested in specific topics should do this.

UAV, UGV, Hypersonic Aircraft, Earthquake, Volcano, Typhoon, Hurricane, Wildfire, Ocean Dead Zone, Ocean Wave Energy, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Space Technology, Honduras, Kenya, Syria, Bolivia, Venezuela, Iraq, India, China Economy, Iran War, Mars Rover, NASA, DARPA, AFRL, SLAC, Computer Brain Interface, Life Extension, Vibrational Energy, Franchising, USDA, FDA, FCC, FTC, FAA, Carbon Nano-Tubes, BioTech, Climate Change, your name

Print Periodicals:

Note: There are many strategies one can employ to getting access to such magazines. Trade Magazines can often be ordered online for free, others can be picked up at Industry Trade Shows and then signing up there. Spending one to two days a month at a major bookstore coffee shop allows you to scan thru Magazines and take notes, looking up the rest of the information online later. Many magazines now have an online versions, which are sent by email, not all of it, such as classified ads or contributed byline filler articles, is online, but reading online and occasionally at a bookstore will keep you up to date. If you cannot find a specific trade journal or magazine each month, then even every other month or quarter will keep you up to speed. Industries are a lot slower to change than one might think. New innovations remain topics for 4-6 months covering all the angles, marketing and exploits. It is not as difficult as it looks.

Foreign Affairs
Foreign Policy
BBC Focus on Africa
Aviation Week and Space Technology
Air and Space
Flight Test
Space Flight
Launch Magazine
Sky and Telescope
UFO Magazine
Skeptical Inquirer
Nasa TechBriefs
Airport Business
General Aviation News
Ground Support
Composite Technologies
Coatings World
Pollution Equipment News
Inbound Logistics
PDF Plastics Distributor and Fabricator
Health Management Technology
Campus Technology
Speech Technology Magazine
Microwave Journal
RFID Journal
Government Video
Federal Computer Week
Campaigns and Elections
B to B (online marketing)
PC News
The Economist
Global Finance
Financial Times
Wall Street Journal
Investors Business Daily
Harvard Business Review
Robb Report
Strategy + Business
Business Week
Financial Advisor
Advertising Age
Broadband Properties
Professional Builder
Solar Today
Architectural Digest
Clean Rooms
Florida Trend's Business Florida
Hispanic Business
Red Herring
Desktop Engineering
Scientific American
Scientific American Mind
New Scientist
Psychology Today
Science AAAS
Popular Science
Popular Mechanics
The Futurist
Invention and Technology
Popular Communications
National Oil and Lube News
Octane, Canada's Car Wash and Petroleum Magazine
Commercial Carrier Journal
Transport Topics
Tire Business
Operation Blessing
Mobile-Tech News and Views
Professional Carwash Magazine
Modern Car Care
Detailers Digest
American Window Cleaner
Westways by AAA
Family Motor Coaching
Motorcycle Racer
Private Pilot
Sailing World
Professional Mariner
Cycling Plus
Runner's World
Track and Field
Counter Terrorism
Journal of International Security Affairs
VBA Notices Just-A-Minute
Mayflower Quarterly

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